Monthly Archive: November 2014


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Too often, especially at this busy time of the year, those two words can roll off the tongue with very little thought as to what we are saying. If we aren’t careful, “Happy Thanksgiving” will fall into the same category as when we hear people say “I’m fine” when we ask how they’re […]


Joining the Lake’s Mission

This is an exciting time for us at The Lake. We have just finished up our teaching series, “This Is Who We Are – Part 2”, where we learned more about how we, as a church, can join Jesus in His mission for the world by making our mission His. We have shared our Mission […]


“Give Him thanks; bless His name”

Thanksgiving is and has been a special time of the year for me. A time to gather with family and share a meal together. But more importantly, a time to be together. It’s in these moments we come to realize God has used our family to bless us. Yes, there may have been times of […]


Thanksgiving Service and Baptism

There is usually a tradition in most families to gather together at Thanksgiving, eating turkey and dressing, pumpkin pies, relaxing, and enjoying time spent together. Although, what we are planning for Sunday evening, November 23rd @ 6:00pm, may not be considered a tradition…it will be a time for The Lake family to gather together, share […]


Middle of November

Here we are at the middle of November, and it is definitely feeling like fall has officially settled in for a while. The changing colors of the landscape makes me think about all the changes that have been taking place at Lake Community Church. 1st -This is the final weekend of our teaching series; “THIS IS WHO […]


The last five days…

I don’t know about you…but the last five days for me have been a ride to place in the memory banks to draw from whenever I feel as though I need a “pick me up”. There can be days when it doesn’t seem like I am accomplishing anything at all. It can feel as though […]


Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child has become an opportunity for churches to make an huge impact around the world in the lives of boys and girls who may never have heard about the love God has for them, or even seen this love in any tangible way. Each year, around the end of October and the first […]


Wind In The Sails Update

As we approach the 2nd weekend of our “Wind In The Sails” offering, I thought I’d share a little update about how amazingly God worked through you all in providing necessary funds to help us begin our launch as a new church; Lake Community Church. I could definitely tell many of you had been in […]


This Is Who We Are – Part 2

This past weekend was a good time to revisit a previous teaching series to see if what we said we should be as a church is actually who we are becoming as a church. Are we staying connected to God? Are we doing all we can to connect with others? And, are we helping to […]