Monthly Archive: September 2015


Lake Advisory 9/25/15

Fall is here! The leaves are starting to change colors and “fall”. But, with the fall season comes cooler temperatures, bluer skies, pumpkin spice this, pumpkin spice that, fire pits, sweaters, high school football games, fall festivals, corn mazes…an endless list of activities. At The Lake, our activities began last Sunday, and as you read […]


Yes, it was…

This past Sunday, Lake Community Church came together as one worship gathering at Dan Nicholas Park’s Amphitheater to celebrate our One Year Anniversary. It was so much fun to watch people come through the openings in the trees to make their way down to the benches of the Amphitheater; to hear them laughing and talking […]


Lake Advisory 9/18/15

This has been a high-speed week for so many people here at The Lake. What I mean by that is that this week has blown by so fast. So much has happened since last Sunday with Week 3 of our “I WILL” teaching series, and discovering God dwells in our worship; yes, in the corporate […]


Not “A” but “The” Night of Worship

This past Sunday night, The Lake celebrated together through singing, shouting, clapping, praising, praying, hearing and responding to God’s Word being taught, and in sharing the Lord’s Supper in a most unique, personal way. This was an evening where God moved through the hearts of His children who had gathered to honor and worship Him […]


Connection Groups @ The Lake

I know many people will read posts about, or hear me mention from the stage, or even hear other folks here at The Lake say something about Connection Groups and the important role they play in strengthening us individually in our spiritual growth, and the spiritual growth of our church. It’s in these Connection Groups […]


Lake Advisory 9/11/15

I almost hesitated in posting this Lake Advisory today with all the attention of this day being about the horrific events 14 years ago; 9/11. But, after reading posts and recalling the events of that day from my own memories, what better reminder of God’s presence in our lives than to remember how He is […]


Lake Advisory 9/4/15

Here are a few things to make sure you have marked on your calendar for September: I WILL We began our new teaching series last Sunday; I WILL. We understand the Mission of The Lake is to help people discover their purpose in Jesus by “Connecting with God”, “Connecting with others”, and “Connecting others to […]