Monthly Archive: April 2017


Lake Advisory 4/28/17

Last Sunday we began a new teaching series; “I Want To Believe, But…” Most of what we discussed on Sunday was about people who want an On-Demand God; a God who responds to what they want, when and how they want it. This definition of God stems from an On-Demand generation. We have been flooded […]


Lake Advisory 4/21/17

As I’ve sat in my office this week and looked back over the last seven days, and thought about the planning and the volunteers involved, all the invitations you gave out for folks to come a participate in Easter at The Lake, I can’t help but share with you the excitement and wonder of all […]


Lake Advisory 4/14/17

Yes! Yes! Yes! It has finally arrived! Easter weekend! Of course I’m excited! This is the weekend of events we have been speaking about from the stage for the past several Sundays. This is the weekend of events you have invited family and friends to attend at The Lake. This is the weekend of events […]


Why a Connection Group?

We have had a great start to our Connection Groups this semester; with more Groups being offered than ever before; more people attending a Group than before; all types of studies…like I said, it has been a great semester for Connection Groups, and a great semester to be part of a Connection Group. I understand […]


Lake Advisory 4/7/17

We are officially in the middle of Easter at The Lake; the time of year we set aside specific dates on our calendar to intentionally focus our thoughts and events around Easter. This Sunday, better known in the Christian world as Palm Sunday, we will be in Part III of our Easter series, “Red Letter […]