Monthly Archive: May 2017


Lake Advisory 5/26/17

This weekend, all across America, (even though Monday is considered Memorial Day) we will be celebrating Memorial Day. There will be cookouts and get-togethers on Saturday, Sunday, and even on Monday. This is a special time of year to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we could circle these three days on our […]


12 stones

I thought it was fascinating last week as I was preparing to begin teaching a brand new series at The Lake; “RE”, and as I was working through the notes and the thoughts of the importance of us remembering God’s faithfulness in the past to give us confidence to trust Him for today and courage […]


Lake Advisory 5/19/17

This past Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day at The Lake, and I do hope everyone made a point to spend time with their mom, call their mom, or paused a moment to remember their mom. This week has a been a hectic, eventful week around The Lake. As many of you may know by now, […]


Lake Advisory 5/12/17

This┬áSunday, May 14th, is Mother’s Day. (That’s right. It’s this Sunday! You still have time to shop for that perfect Mother’s Day gift; bouquet of flowers; an edible arrangement; sentimental card; dinner out; the list goes on.) This Sunday will be a special time to pray for and thank all the mothers in attendance, and […]


Lake Advisory 5/5/17

I’m not really sure, but there seems to be an excitement in the air. And, I’m not talking about Cinco de Mayo. I’m talking about an excitement at The Lake. Things are beginning to “ramp up”, so to speak. We are seeing new faces, new families each week. Smiles seem bigger. Laughs seem louder. Handshakes, […]


National Day of Prayer

All across the country; at state capitals; church auditoriums; civic organization buildings; small private gatherings…people are participating in the National Day of Prayer. Maybe you have already been to a local breakfast gathering of prayer, or a lunch gathering of prayer. Maybe you are planning to attend a prayer gathering later on today. I mean, […]