Monthly Archive: July 2017


Lake Advisory 7/28/17

There’s so much to do…the summer is winding down…vacation opportunities are slipping away…school starts back in only a month…I don’t have time to get everything done that I want to get done! Pause. Take a deep breath. Relax. Focus on today; here and now. It’s Friday; a chance to slow down and prepare…prepare for the […]


Lake Advisory 7/21/17

Thank you all for making Dr. Tom Bartlett so welcome this past Sunday at The Lake. One of the highest compliments I receive as a pastor, are the words of affirmation about what God is doing through the lives of the people who call The Lake, “home”. Every conversation centers around the attitude, the welcoming […]



It was exactly one week ago, at this moment; 1:30pm, I received a text from my brother that my mom had passed away; a moment I won’t soon forget. I had left her hospital room just a few hours earlier to take care of some scheduled errands and to begin making plans for the coming […]


Lake Advisory 7/15/17

(Let me first apologize for this Lake Advisory being sent out so late. Most of the time I try to get this information  to you on a Friday afternoon, but this time it was past midnight before I could get it finished.) These past few weeks  of our teaching series, “My Story”, have been very […]


Lake Advisory 7/7/17

Here we are at the end of the first week of July, and many of you have probably had one of those weeks filled with so many activities, cookouts, parades, fireworks, trip to the beach, or mountains; time spent with family and friends…one of those great weeks you look back on and think…this needs to […]