Monthly Archive: October 2017


Lake Advisory 10/27/17

This is the last Sunday in October; the last week of our current teaching series, “I Choose”; the last Sunday to bring in your Candy, Candy, Candy donations for our “Trunkz o’ Treatz” event on Tuesday evening, October 31st; the last Sunday to select a Red and Green Operation Christmas Child shoebox; and, the last […]


Lake Advisory 10/20/17

Last Sunday was so special! If you were at The Lake last Sunday, you know what I’m talking about. 5 people were baptized during our Worship Gatherings at 9:30 and 11:00am. I believe what made it so special was in the way God moved through the hearts of those participating by being baptized and those […]



We are currently in a teaching series entitled, “I Choose”, at The Lake. Each week we address a decisions we are all faced with from time to time; “Do I choose this or that? Do I choose purpose or popularity?” And, this past Sunday the choice was between control and surrender. “Do I choose surrender […]


Lake Advisory 10/13/17

This Sunday presents a unique opportunity for The Lake. This Sunday we will be having our first-ever Lake Baptisms in our Auditorium. That’s right….in the Auditorium…on a Sunday morning! Can you believe it?! I am so excited for all those who have made a decision to be baptized and can’t wait to celebrate with them […]


Lake Advisory 10/6/17

As many of you may know; especially if you live out toward High Rock Lake, this weekend is the Autumn Jubilee at Dan Nicholas Park. I wanted to share this information with all of you because sometimes traffic can get a little backed up near the Park, and if you are headed to The Lake […]