Monthly Archive: November 2017


Lake Advisory 11/24/17

For many people, Thanksgiving has come and gone. Families have gathered; memories have been recalled; meals have been shared; naps have been taken, and shopping has begun. For those who see Thanksgiving as more than a day on the calendar, the season of thanking God for all His blessings is just getting started. It’s this […]


Lake Advisory 11/17/17

This Sunday at The Lake will begin our Thanksgiving week. That’s right…Thanksgiving is almost here! I can almost taste the turkey, the sweet potato casserole, stuffing, and pumpkin pie…apple pie…chocolate chip cookies. It’s that time of year, and with that time of year comes busy schedules; planning on top of planning; family gatherings, and everything […]


Thanksgiving Gathering and more…

This Sunday evening at 6:00pm, The Lake will experience a Thanksgiving Gathering…a time to gather together as a body of believers and celebrate the blessings of God throughout this year. This will be a special evening to sing praises and thanks to God for all He has done for us as Lake Community Church, and […]


Lake Advisory 11/10/17

It’s been a week…a week since many of us heard the unimaginable news of the events in a small church in Texas. Each time I read an article, or listened to interviews with the people there, some of the families, and the pastor of the church, my heart would be broken again and again. I […]


Lake Advisory 11/3/17

Welcome November! It’s hard to believe there’s only two months left in this year, and as I have been looking over the calendar, these last two months of 2017 will be quite busy for The Lake. How do I know? Because October ended on such a busy, yet exciting note. Here at The Lake, we […]


Martha? Mary?

This past Sunday we finished with our teaching series, “I Choose”. This was four weeks of making choices; choices many of us face everyday of our lives, and the impact those choices can have on our life. We’ve looked at choosing between God’s purpose for our life and being popular; going along with the crowd; […]


“Lotz O’ Thankz”

THANK YOU Last night was The Lake’s “Trunkz O’ Treatz” community event, and it was so much fun! But, without the help of all our volunteers, I’m not so sure it would have been as much fun. So, I want to publicly let everyone associated with Lake Community Church know how much I appreciate all […]