Monthly Archive: December 2017


Lake Advisory 12/29/17

2017 is coming to a close and as we look back…what a year it has been. God has been active through the lives of so many here at The Lake. I have seen and heard a lot of the changes in people’s lives and I have been thrilled to see that change become evident in […]


Just 4 More Days…

I know it’s kinda hard to believe, but there are just 4 more days remaining in 2017. And, I’m sure these last 4 days of the year can present us with a lot of things we need to try and get done before the year ends. If I may…why not use these last 4 days […]


Lake Advisory 12/22/17

Merry Christmas!! If you are like me this time of year, you understand the excitement packed into the next few days. There’s probably still one or two things left to do before all the Christmas festivities begin this weekend, and then there’s the joy of families getting together to celebrate Christmas with one another; the […]


Lake Advisory 12/15/17

We are approaching our last week of our teaching series, “Who Needs Christmas?” So far, this has been, in the words of a few people here at The Lake, an interesting look at Christmas. We’ve taken a light-speed journey through the history of the Jewish sacred documents (the Old Testament) to realize how God’s promised […]



#thenext56days is an opportunity to start off 2018 on a journey like never before. Michele Ferguson and Tracy Holbrook will be offering an 8 week Food and Wellness Class to all interested to learn about balancing their diets and changing their way of living. A lot of folks will be making New Year’s resolutions, and […]


Lake Advisory 12/8/17

Here we are after one full week in December and “SNOW” is on everyone’s mind. “How can this be? I have so much to do. I don’t have time for schools to be closing early; I don’t have time to make a emergency trip to the store for milk and bread; I don’t have time!” […]


Lake Advisory 12/1/17

Well, welcome December! It feels like we just finished off the last left-over turkey sandwich from Thanksgiving and here we are making plans for Christmas. We all know that this time of year can get rather busy and our calendars can get filled up quick. But, we also know that if we keep our eyes, […]