Monthly Archive: July 2018


Lake Advisory 7/27/18

Here we are at the last weekend of July. Unbelievable!! Not just that it’s the last weekend, but there is so much to plan for in the next few days; events here at The Lake that once were simply a thought a few months ago, but now they are almost here…beginning this weekend. A few […]


Lake Advisory 7/20/18

For the past 6 weeks, prayer has taken center-stage at The Lake. Not that we haven’t been a church that prays (I, for one, know better than that), but a little more attention has been placed on the importance of prayer. We began the journey with “The Circle Maker” and we discovered the significance of […]


Lake Advisory 7/13/18

What a great start to our new teaching series, “Dangerous Prayers” last week. I think a lot of us needed to hear about how a “dangerous prayer” is prayed. When you begin to analyze and take apart the prayer of David in Psalm 139:23-24, you begin to see how dangerous a prayer can be; how […]


Lake Advisory 7/6/18

The past three weeks of “The Circle Maker” series has been so much fun. But, more than that, it has been three weeks of focused prayer for many of us. I have heard comments on Sundays, and read emails during the week, about how “prayer” has taken on a whole new meaning in their life. […]