Monthly Archive: August 2018


Lake Advisory 8/31/18

“We Are The Church” Periodically, we will revisit what we consider the CORE Values of Lake Community Church with a teaching series called, “We Are The Church.” It’s a 2-week reminder series to help us refocus on what it means to be a part of The Lake; our Mission and Vision for the church. Our […]


Lake Advisory 8/24/18

“Volunteers Needed!” I know I may begin to sound like a broken record, but if that what it takes, then I will sound like a broken record, because we are in need of volunteers for our Children’s Ministry; Lake Kids. It’s not that we don’t have any volunteers; we have incredible volunteers who serve willingly […]


Lake Advisory 8/17/18

One of the things that excites me the most about pastoring at The Lake is those groups of individuals who have joined together, formed a ministry, and seek for ways to do something together beyond the norm of sitting together at church. They look for opportunities to serve others outside our four walls; to make […]


Lake Advisory 8/10/18

Let me start off by saying “Thank You” to all the Volunteers and Leaders that made our Lake Kids Bible Camp such an amazing event last Saturday. I stopped by for just a minute and there was so much going on; Kids outside playing and tie-dyeing shirts; Kids working on crafts, hearing stories, and singing […]


Lake Advisory 8/3/18

Last Sunday we began a new teaching series, “What Would Jesus Undo?” Our first discovery was that Jesus would undo “Spiritual Indifference.” Believers who don’t seem to really care to live out what they say they believe break the heart of Jesus. We were never called to be this way. We were called to love […]


What do you do in the storms of life?

This has been one of those days; with the weather. I mean…one minute it’s cloudy…then sunny…then cloudy…then rain…then sun…then a deluge…then sun…then heat and steam…then rain…then sun. It’s been a crazy cycle for the past few hours. And, I don’t know what happened, but I was taking a break from working on a message for […]


Kids Bible Camp

This Saturday, August 4th, starting at 9:00am, the Kids Bible Camp sponsored by Lake Community Church officially begins. The advanced planning and preparations for this event promises to be a day of fun, singing, games, crafts, painting, tie-dying, Bible lessons, stories, and even a cook-out for lunch. If you have already registered your child, or […]