Monthly Archive: December 2018


Lake Advisory 12/28/18

This Sunday is the last Sunday of 2018. It is kinda hard to believe how fast this year has gone by, but I guess if we would take some time to scroll back through the calendar, most of us would begin to realize how good God has been to us, individually and as a church. […]


Lake Advisory 12/21/18

Here we are at what is called the shortest day of the year; the Winter Solstice. Yes, today is the first day of winter! We can finally use this term, even though we have used it quite frequently in the past few weeks to describe the weather around here. We all knew it was the […]


‘Tis The Season?

This time of the year is when many people, especially Jesus followers, tend to become a little more compassionate; a little more generous. And, it always gets attributed to the season; Christmas. We’ll hear over and over how Christmas just seems to bring out the best in others. It’s the time of year people will […]


Lake Advisory 12/14/18

The snow is finally making its way out of here and for many of us, things can start to get back to a resemblance of normal. We may still feel as though we are a little more than week behind on everything we need to get done, but maybe we just needed this little break […]


Now what?

Okay. So this snow and ice has made things a little more complicated, but nothing that can’t still be accomplished by Lake Community Church. Sure, we had to cancel our Worship Gatherings this past Sunday, but we are still on track for the remainder of the series, “God With Us”, and a few other events […]


Lake Advisory 12/7/18

Not sure what the weather is going to be like this weekend? Neither are we. But, we go ahead and plan and prepare for whatever may come our way over the next coupe of days. At least, that’s what I’m doing. Like most of everyone else, I have things that need to be done; things […]