Monthly Archive: January 2019


Lake Advisory 1/25/19

Last week, in the Lake Advisory, I began a topic, a thread…some thoughts about how we measure “excellence” here at The Lake. And, I had full intentions of continuing that conversation this week and probably for the next few weeks, because “excellence” in God’s church is far better than just doing things “okay”. However, I […]


Lake Advisory 1/18/19

How do we measure excellence at The Lake? Last week, in the Lake Advisory, I shared about just being “okay” is not “okay” when it comes to the ministries at The Lake. How we always strive for excellence in each of our ministries, and for that matter, how we strive for excellence in anything that […]


Lake Advisory 1/11/18

Now that we’ve gotten past the first full week of 2019, it’s time to settle in and get going with this year. It’s also a great time to remind ourselves, as Lake Community Church, why we do what we do; what it is that draws us to The Lake each week; what it is that […]


Lake Advisory 1/4/18

This Sunday is the first Sunday of 2019, and so it begins. A new year of discovering more about what it means to “be” the church God has called us to be. I’m not sure what you may be expecting in this coming new year, but I have a sense that we are at the […]