Monthly Archive: March 2019


Lake Advisory 3/29/19

As we begin to finish off the month and March and head straight into April, I thought it would be a good time to fill you all in on some major happenings at The Lake in April. Just to give you a quick head’s up. The first Sunday of April, The Lake is offering a […]


“Backstage Pass”

Maybe you’ve been attending Lake Community Church and have wondered; “You know; I am really enjoying worshipping with these folks at The Lake, and I wonder, how do I join this church? How can I be a part of what God is doing here? How can I serve others on one of their Ministry Team?” And, just in case […]


Lake Advisory 3/22/19

It’s here!! March Madness!! I know there are a lot of basketball fans at The Lake, and just that simple statement at the start of this Advisory has your attention. It probably has started your mind thinking about the teams you’ve picked that are doing really well; that you hope continue to do really well, […]


Lake Advisory 3/15/19

As part of the staff here at The Lake, I always try to look for ways to help focus, or fulfill the Mission of the church. I may try to do that through this Advisory from time to time; I may even share a few thoughts, illustrations, or ideas as I weave through a message […]


Lake Advisory 3/8/19

Two things I would like to make you all aware of in this Lake Advisory. Of course, there are quote a few more items for you to read about below, but here are what I consider two very important items to share with all of you right her at the beginning of this Advisory. 1 […]


Lake Advisory 3/1/19

As we wave good-bye to February and welcome March, I thought it would be good to give you a little heads up about some events coming to The Lake in March, or that will be advertised throughout the month of March. You know, sometimes I try to think of something for The Lake to get […]