Monthly Archive: February 2020


Lake Advisory 2/28/20

This is The Lake’s new way to give generously online through our new website; (If you haven’t visited our new site yet, I’d encourage you to take a quick tour through it and let us know what you think) But, I wanted to show you this cool little “Rocker Guy” icon that will take […]


Lake Advisory 2/21/20

Let me just share a quick recap of last Sunday evening’s Lake Couples Valentine’s Event…it was amazing. The whole evening; the way the Auditorium was set up and decorated; the catered meal; the childcare; the games…all of it was amazing an a lot of fun. Thank you everyone who had a part in making this […]


Lake Advisory 2/14/20

It’s Valentines Day 20202!! Hopefully, that brief announcement didn’t send anyone into a panic; realizing they may need to leave work a little earlier today to stop by the store and pick through what’s left of Valentines Cards and candy before heading home. It happens. But, if you planned ahead, and already have dinner reservations, […]


Lake Advisory 2/7/20

Scouting For Food“Thank you” to everyone who helped with this Outreach Project for Rowan Helping Ministries. Your one-week effort resulted in 511 lbs. of food delivered. Amazing!! If you were unable to return your grocery bag filled with groceries last Sunday, you may still bring it with you this Sunday and have it delivered to […]