Monthly Archive: April 2020


Thank You

Two simple words…Thank You. Yet, sometimes we don’t think about the impact they can have on someone’s life, so we may not think about how little we use these two simple words. Today, I would like to use them to the fullest. “Thank You” to all our frontline warriors! We read about them on social […]


Lake Advisory 4/24/2020

Not yet. At least, that’s the latest decision as to when we can begin to make plans to start to recover from the restrictions and mandates connected to the coronavirus. But, until we get the “Go ahead”, we will continue to do all we can to not let the light of Lake Community Church dim […]


Lake Advisory 4/17/2020

I’m excited! I don’t know about you, but I am excited about how God has been moving through the lives of people who call The Lake “home”, and for those who just recently began to join us on Sunday mornings; welcoming our Worship Gathering into their home. And, I have to thank all of you […]


Lake Advisory 4/10/2020

It’s Good Friday!! A lot of people in this world don’t quite understand how, with all that’s happened in the past few months, and all that consumes the news media and national headlines…how can anyone think that this Friday, like every other day we’ve experienced recently, could be labeled “Good.” But, a lot of people […]


Lake Advisory 4/3/2020

I know this is probably beginning to read like a “same-ol’-same-ol” information piece, but things really haven’t changed much at The Lake. We are still planning to worship together Online this Sunday at 10:00am. We are still finding better ways to stay connected through Online Connection Group meetings. We are still making plans for an […]