Monthly Archive: May 2020


Lake Advisory 5/29/2020

Hey Ronnie!? When is the church going to re-open? That really depends on which Ronnie you ask. If you ask the one who so wants to have everybody back in the building worshipping together like before; no worries; no fears; no hesitations and no restrictions…I’m ready now! I’m blindly ready because I am a selfish […]


Lake Advisory 5/22/2020

The past few weeks seem like almost a blur. It seems like we were all getting ready for Easter; making plans for a big weekend of Easter Gatherings, and now here we are heading into the last week of May. This pandemic has casually altered our plans to where events on the calendar; special events […]


Lake Advisory 5/15/2020

There’s been a lot going on this week around the world, across our country, and in our state. We have gone through two months of mandates, shut-downs, restrictions and recommendations from the Government, the CDC, and our friends and family. Have we seen any good in all of this? I believe we have. Families are […]


Lake Advisory 5/8/2020

This past week, and last week as well, I have tried to make sure we thank those who are doing so much for others during this pandemic. We have thanked all our frontline warriors in the medical field as they face the coronavirus head-on everyday. They put in endless hours, sacrificing time with their families […]


Thank You Teachers

I’d like to take a moment to give a huge shout out to all the teachers who are part of the Lake Community Church Family. I know this last portion of the school year has not been what may have already been set in your planning schedule for these past two months, but I would […]


Lake Advisory 5/1/2020

Still trying to make sense of all that’s going on in the world these days? Still trying to decide who or what to believe? Still hoping for things to begin to make a little more sense? Aren’t we all? It has become so easy to forget what day it is; especially when each day looks […]