Monthly Archive: July 2020


Lake Advisory 7/31/2020

Here we are…the last day of July! And, as we begin to look ahead into August; waiting to see what decisions will be made; decisions that will effect how we approach the school year, church, work, entertainment, vacations, eating out, shopping…enjoying life to the fullest, and all it takes is for one, or possibly two […]


School Supplies

I’m sure most of you know about the uncertainty of children going back to school this fall; virtual; In-person; A days, B days…but, one thing is certain from my conversations with the Principal at Morgan Elementary School; if, when, and how the students return to school, things will not be like they were before. More […]


Lake Advisory 7/24/2020

Let me just go ahead and say…these past several weeks at The Lake, meeting together; even with all the mandates and guidelines designed to help us help others feel safe while attending church…these past several weeks have taught me a lot about the people of Lake Community Church. No matter what situation we may be […]


My Motivation

This past Sunday, we began a new teaching series, “Goliath Must Fall,” based on the 1 Samuel 17 story of David and Goliath. There is so much information within this historical event in the Bible to try and wrap our heads around; especially if we grew up in church and heard this story, or read […]


Lake Advisory 7/17/2020

“Three more weeks?” I know…not what anyone wanted to hear this past week and about our efforts to stop this virus. And, most of this week, I’ve been thinking and praying about what I could say in response. What could I post that would clarify how I felt about this decision, and how we can […]


Lake Advisory 7/10/2020

I was reading in my devotions this past week, and there was a section I read the other day that caused me to go back and read it again. And, it’s remained on my mind throughout the week. I’m guessing I need to share this with you, and maybe it will stir some thinking and […]


Lake Advisory 7/3/2020

Welcome to July, Lake Community Church! That’s right! We are now half-way through 2020. And, right now, I’m sure we’re all about ready for this year to come to an end, and for these mandates and guidelines and restrictions to come to an end as well. But, we aren’t quite there yet, and because of […]