What to Expect


Relax... You're at the Lake!

We're a VERY casual church full of real people who care about you. We don't want to pretend to be anything we aren't. So take any preconceptions you may have about church and toss them out the window. Here are some tips for you when you visit us...

Weekend Services

What do I do before arriving?

Here is the preparation for coming to one of our services: wake up, put on some clothes, then drive/walk to the building. We would humbly ask that you consider brushing your teeth and maybe even take a shower, but that is totally up to you.

A lot of people ask about what to wear, but we believe that God considers the heart, not the outward appearance. Most people wear what they would wear any other day of the week. Some wear a tie or dress, some wear jeans and flip-flops. The key is to wear whatever makes you most comfortable to worship God. Our pastor will typically wear jeans, so don't worry about being under-dressed.

What happens when I get there?

Once you get parked, head towards the building and you will be greeted by one of our First Impressions volunteers. If you have any questions they will be more than happy to assist you.

As you enter the front door you will see our cafe to the left where you can get yourself a cup of coffee or a refreshing drink. On the right side of the lobby you will find "The Pond". This is where you can check your children into our program designed especially for them. Straight ahead of you is our Auditorium where the service will be held. And to your right is our resource center where you can get additional information and resources about Lake Community Church.

What is available for my children?

During our services we provide a secure and age-appropriate environment for kids ages birth-5th grade called Lake Kids. This is a dynamic program designed to teach children Biblical truths on a level they can comprehend and retain.

All of our children are checked in using a secure computer-based system. You simply walk up to our computers, enter your information, and it prints out a badge. One sticker is for your child, one is for you. This ensures that your child is safe and you are the only one who can pick them up after the service.

If at any point you are needed to attend to your child, we put the number from your badge up on the screen during the service so you can slip out to help.

Middle School and High School students are welcome in the service and will find it just as relevant as the adults. We have an environment dedicated specifically to students on Wednesday evenings.

What can I expect from the sermon?

We understand that every weekend we have a diverse group of people meeting. Some are young, some are old, some are atheists, some are 50-year Christians. Our goal is to design a service every single weekend that speaks to a wide range of people, gets everyone on common ground, and takes them all at least one step closer to Christ.

Our goal each weekend is simply to see life-change happen. We strive to teach in such a way that goes beyond simply telling you what the Bible says, and actually teach you how it applies to your life and how to live it out every day. It doesn't do us any good to know everything that it says without doing what it tells us to do! Our sermons are always practical and relevant to your life. We won't shove it down your throat or send you on a guilt trip, just instruct you on what the Bible says and what you should do about it, then trust you to act. Our prayer is that because of our messages, you will become a better son, daughter, husband, wife, sibling, parent, co-worker, friend, and most importantly, follower of Christ. If you would like to hear some of our past sermons, simply click on "Sermons" above.

What will the music be like?

You will notice quickly that our church is different than the majority of churches in our area. Not that it is better or worse, just different. Our goal is to worship in spirit and truth, all while creating an environment that connects with our culture.

Our music would likely be labelled as "contemporary", but we prefer to just think of it as current. It's loud and it rocks! We have a band with guitars (acoustic and electric), keys, vocalists, bass, and drums. The band is complimented by video and lighting effects that help create an atmosphere of energy and focus.