What We Believe


A.W. Tozer

"It would be impossible to overemphasize the importance of sound doctrine in the life of a Christian. Right thinking about all spiritual matters is imperative if we would have right living. As men do not gather grapes of thorns nor figs of thistles, sound character does not grow out of unsound teaching."

What we believe
Jesus Christ
The Holy Spirit
The Bible
Human Beings

Saint Augustine

“But if it is not heard with understanding it cannot be heard willingly. Indeed, even in that style which has delight as its end, it is to be sought that those who hear understand, that they are delighted, and that they obey.”

What we practice
Believer's Baptism
Spirit-Led Living
Priesthood of Every Believer
The Bible as our Sole Authority
Telling Others About Christ
Autonomy of the Local Church

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