Lake Advisory 12/4/2020

Welcome to December and the beginning of the Christmas season at The Lake! Can you believe we are in the last month of 2020? I know there are many of us who are so ready for “this year” to come to an end. But, what better way to finish off “this year” than with a […]


The Lake + Christmas Angels

Every year Lake Community Church joins with Samaritan’s Purse to spread the love of Jesus around the world through Operation Christmas Child. These filled red and green shoeboxes bring joy, laughter, and hope to children who may think they have been forgotten by the world; living life with no hope. Just image the look on […]


Giving Tuesday

What is it about today that has become this national drive to call people to do something bigger than themselves? I’m not questioning the motive behind “Giving Tuesday;” I think it’s a great reminder that there are things in this world beyond our social circles that need help, attention, support, and encouragement. But, hasn’t this […]


Lake Advisory 11/27/20

Important Changes for our Worship Gatherings Beginning This Sunday! First off, I believe we’d all agree this year hasn’t been the easiest to navigate from a church scheduling point of view. We’ve been limited to whether or not we could even meet and worship in the building for several weeks; to being able to open […]


Lake Advisory 11/20/2020

For the past 8 months, God has been working in the lives of folks here at The Lake; helping them in their jobs, school work, their families; protecting them from illnesses and healing them after surgeries; blessing them with his kindness and grace; and, leading them through one crazy year. He’s also been raising up […]


Lake Advisory 11/13/2020

We have had such a good response from folks here at The Lake when it comes to filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child Outreach and this year has been no different. As of the posting of this Advisory, there are only 10 OCC Shoeboxes left in our Lobby. So, you still have time to select […]


Baptism Sunday

This coming Sunday, November 15 at Lake Community Church, is set aside as Baptism Sunday. Not that this Sunday is to be any different than any other Sunday at The Lake, but we will take time in our Worship Gatherings to celebrate with those who have chosen to follow Jesus’ example of being baptized as […]


Lake Advisory 11/6/2020

October is history and we enter into November and all the exciting things that lie ahead of us at The Lake. I do want to thank everyone that joined me in our 30 Days of Prayer through the month of October, and to everyone who participated in our first-ever Trunkz O’ Treat “Drive-Thru” event. So, […]


Thank you!

I know this has been a crazy week for so many people (myself included), but I can’t let another day go by without sharing a huge “Thank you” for this past weekend. On Saturday evening, we had Volunteers decorate their own vehicles and position their vehicles in our church parking lot to provide a “Drive-Thru” […]


Operation Christmas Child

Each year Lake Community Church participates with Samaritan’s Purse to fill those familiar red and green shoe-boxes with gifts to send around the world to boys and girls to help them experience the love of God shared with them by someone they may never meet. But, one day, because of God’s love for all of […]

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