Lake Advisory 1/22/21

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” For the past few weeks, we have used this statement as a sort of theme for our current teaching series, “I’ll Do It Tomorrow.” But, what I have noticed, or better yet, learned from the past several months of working around and adjusting to mandates and […]


Lake Advisory 1/15/2021

This past Sunday evening, Lake Community Church held our Annual Lake Partners Meeting to present for approval, a Proposed Budget for 2021, and to present for approval our acting Lake Leadership Team for 2021. This was the first Annual Meeting that we have held In-person and by a ZOOM Video feed. Kinda cool to have […]


Lake Advisory 1/8/2021

This has been a crazy week, to say the least. And, it would be so easy to get distracted by all the events of this week and in the coming weeks. But, this Advisory is not a platform for focusing us on what is going on in the world, as much as it is a […]


Lake Advisory 1/1/21

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Welcome to 2021!! I pray you are as excited about a new year at The Lake as I am. I know 2020 was probably not the best year in recent history, but I also know that God was not silent in 2020. There were so many times I witnessed God’s love and […]


Lake Advisory 12/24/2020

I know, I know. Surprise! This Lake Advisory is being sent to you on a Thursday, instead of a Friday. Two reasons for this… 1 – Tomorrow is Christmas Day and I don’t need to be interrupting your time with family and friends on Christmas with an email for you to read. This is a […]


Lake Advisory 12/18/2020

Can you believe it? Christmas is one week away! One Week!! I bet you didn’t need to be reminded of that again. This year has moved right along, and now we are in the stages of preparing for another year to begin. But, before we do that, we do need to embrace the rest of […]


Lake Advisory 12/11/2020

Let me just say….No…let me shout, “THANK YOU” to everyone who has participated in our Terrie Hess House Christmas Angel Project. Your donations of Amazon Gift Cards will allow the staff of the Terrie Hess House to purchase Christmas gifts for all the children they minister to; children who need emotional, physical, mental and spiritual […]


Lake Advisory 12/4/2020

Welcome to December and the beginning of the Christmas season at The Lake! Can you believe we are in the last month of 2020? I know there are many of us who are so ready for “this year” to come to an end. But, what better way to finish off “this year” than with a […]


The Lake + Christmas Angels

Every year Lake Community Church joins with Samaritan’s Purse to spread the love of Jesus around the world through Operation Christmas Child. These filled red and green shoeboxes bring joy, laughter, and hope to children who may think they have been forgotten by the world; living life with no hope. Just image the look on […]


Giving Tuesday

What is it about today that has become this national drive to call people to do something bigger than themselves? I’m not questioning the motive behind “Giving Tuesday;” I think it’s a great reminder that there are things in this world beyond our social circles that need help, attention, support, and encouragement. But, hasn’t this […]

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