Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child has become an opportunity for churches to make an huge impact around the world in the lives of boys and girls who may never have heard about the love God has for them, or even seen this love in any tangible way. Each year, around the end of October and the first […]


Wind In The Sails Update

As we approach the 2nd weekend of our “Wind In The Sails” offering, I thought I’d share a little update about how amazingly God worked through you all in providing necessary funds to help us begin our launch as a new church; Lake Community Church. I could definitely tell many of you had been in […]


This Is Who We Are – Part 2

This past weekend was a good time to revisit a previous teaching series to see if what we said we should be as a church is actually who we are becoming as a church. Are we staying connected to God? Are we doing all we can to connect with others? And, are we helping to […]


A prayer to share

I have seen other pastors share ideas from books they have read, and I have done the same thing from time to time. I have read comments shared from pastors around the country; sometimes from a message or a podcast. And, I have shared those at times. This time I would like to share an […]


“If we are a product of the Gospel, then we should be an instrument for the Gospel”


“Forgiveness is the foundation of a peacemaker, and Jesus is the cornerstone of that foundation.”


Check Out Our Website!

We are proud to announce the launch of the brand new website for Lake Community Church! You can check us out any time by visiting


Wind In The Sails

It has been exciting to see the people who attend Lake community Church each week start to get a glimpse of what could be; where they can have an impact in their community; where they can make a difference in how others see the church; and how they know God is about to do something […]


“If there is no laughter in heaven, I don’t want to go there.” – Martin Luther