Ministry Teams


By simply giving of your time and energy, you can make an eternal difference in a person's life.

God has given all of time, energy, and gifts so we can serve Him and serve others. Our desire is that every person at the Lake serve in a ministry in the church. Check out our opportunities below...

Ministry Team Opportunities

Lake Students

The Lake Students exists to expose high school and middle school students to God’s love, equip them to serve God, to exalt God in worship, to enjoy other believers, and to experience the work of ministry. Our students meet every Wednesday night at 6:30 pm.

Support Weekly Student Service
Lead Student Life Groups
Play in the Band
Attend Events, Activities and Trips

Lake Kids

Top priority is given to our children’s ministry at the Lake. Weekends provide special opportunities for children to learn about the love of the Lord. Lake Kids is designed for children ages birth through 5th grade. We offer creative, fun activities for your child to learn about Jesus and the Bible.

Hosting at the Check-In Desk
Music Leader
Station Leader
Small Group Leader
Nursery Worker

Music, Production, and Arts

The music at the Lake is exciting and moving. We are looking for artists with skills on camera, stage, and in the production booth. One of our primary goals is to maintain a high standard of excellence so we seek out people who have a servant's heart, a high level of skill, and the ability to lead.

Media Technicians (audio/video/lighting)

Guest Services

This is probably one of the most important ministries at the Lake. The purpose of this team is to demonstrate God’s love through acts of kindness, service, and attentiveness to the needs of others. This may involve answering guest’s questions, pouring coffee, parking cars, and much more. We want to create a welcoming and accepting atmosphere. We need to show love for people immediately upon their arrival.

Lobby Greeter
Auditorium Usher
Cafe Management
Resource Center


Every week we have the opportunity to be involved in administration. This ranges from counting the offerings to making copies for Life Groups. There are many administrative opportunities for you to use your gifts.

Financial Management
Data Entry


We always want to make sure that our facility is not only safe, it is clean and presentable. Managing the condition of our building is a stewardship honoring to God.

Facility/Grounds Maintenance
Building Repair/Improvement

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