Connection Launch-Week 3

This coming Sunday, February 2nd, at 9:30 and 11:00am is the last Sunday for our church-wide “Connection Launch”. This “Connection Launch” is a weekly opportunity for everyone who attends The Lake to connect with others through joining a Ministry Team, an Outreach/Missions Group, and/or a Connection Group.

Last Sunday our focus was all about our Ministry Teams (Guest Services, Facilities, Lake Kids, Lake Students, Worship and Production) and our Outreach/Missions Groups (Women on Mission and Lake Riders). This Sunday is another opportunity for you to connect with others through one of these Teams of volunteers. All these Teams will be located in our Lobby again this Sunday.

Now, for our main focus this Sunday; I want to share some information with you about our Connection Groups. These Groups are one of our most effective ways for you to revisit a Sunday’s message topic, discuss the Scriptures and answer questions with other believers, and meet to encourage, support, and pray for fellow believers. Some of our Connection Groups will be doing Bible studies each semester. But, at least for the month of February, all our Connection Groups will be focused on the topic from Sunday morning messages; “Who’s Your One?”

Here are the Connection Groups being offered beginning the first week of February:


Faith Filled Parenting
Life gets hard and adding kids to the mix makes it even more difficult. This group is designed to grow and support one another through every milestone in God’s path for our families.
This Group is lead by Amanda Stone and Molly Morrison; 6:00pm at The Lake. Children welcome.


Men’s Breakfast Group
Breakfast for all men to get the day started right with: food, fellowship and a short devotional/discussion time.
Group lead by Keith Horner and Richard Powles; 7:00am at Faith Soda Shoppe. No childcare.

Couples Connection
We discuss Sunday’s sermon and how it applies to each of us and or what we personally got from the message.
This Group lead by Tommy and Heather Jones; 5:30pm at the Jones residence. No childcare.


Lake Ladies
Come join Lake Ladies! You’ll enjoy close friendships, Bible Study, prayer support, and encouragement as we all grow in our daily walk with Christ.
Sue Waller and Shelly Richardson lead this Group every other Thursday at 11:00am at various locations. No childcare.

Life. Together.
We are a group of young married couples both with or without children, who focus on Gospel-centered community and shared lives. Real, Honest, Vulnerable.
The Group is lead by Eric and Aubrey Doane; 6:30pm at The Lake. No childcare.

Iron Sharpens Iron
As “iron sharpens iron”, men require more than church attendance to become all God has called us to be. We need other men in our life; men to challenge us, encourage us, and hold us accountable; to come alongside us, joining together as we strive to become God’s man…everyday of our life.
Ronnie Pinyan will lead this Group; 7:00pm in The Lake Auditorium. No childcare.


Friday Night Gang
Our group is mixed age, mixed singe/couples, and we’ll get to know each other, learn from scripture, and share our life experiences all covered in prayer. We’ll have a little food and a light atmosphere.
This Group is lead by Glyn and Kay Murthwaite; 6:30pm at The Lake to begin the semester. No childcare.

Joyful Noise Makers
Our group is focused on connecting with God and others through the Joy of Worship. We get together and deconstruct a song and dig into the meaning behind the words. We talk about how we can apply the truths we find in the Worship songs to our lives.
This Group will be lead by Molly Morrison and Jeremy Smith; 1st and 3rd Fridays; 6:30pm in The Lake Auditorium. No childcare.

All of these Connection Groups are open and ready for you to join this Sunday. You will find these Group represented by the Group Leaders at the back of our Auditorium this Sunday after the 9:30 and 11:00am Worship Gatherings. You can also read about and join these Connection Groups at our new website:

I pray you have been discussing which Group you’d like to join this semester to help you in your Personal Spiritual Growth this year at The Lake. Connection Groups are a next step in accomplishing this goal in 2020.

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