Giving Tuesday

What is it about today that has become this national drive to call people to do something bigger than themselves? I’m not questioning the motive behind “Giving Tuesday;” I think it’s a great reminder that there are things in this world beyond our social circles that need help, attention, support, and encouragement.

But, hasn’t this been the mind of Christ, the heart of God from like, forever?

We, as followers of Jesus, have all been called to put others first; to give of ourselves; to become selfless in our care and compassion for others; to do all we can to make a difference in someone’s life; to be an example of God’s love for this world through our “giving.” This “Giving Tuesday” event should be a subtle reminder of our call to be “Giving Today.”

Have we “given” today? Have we “given” up part of our busy schedule to check on a friend we haven’t talked to in a while? Have we “given” up our own plans for the day to help someone else with completing their tasks that have gotten them depressed? Have we “given” a second thought to those who may just need to hear a kind word from time to time? Have we “given” God a chance to speak to us today? Have we “given” Him our undivided attention; time in His Word to gain His guidance; time in prayer to be surrounded by His presence; time singing praise to Him and thanking Him for His blessings in our life? Have we “given” up anything, and everything today?

One thing I know about the folks of Lake Community Church; those committed to seeing God’s mission for His church carried out on a daily basis…they freely “give.” They give of themselves; their time, their talent, their tithe, and it’s all for others. So, you see, “Giving Tuesday” may a national call to people all over to “give to others,” but to those who believe in God’s love for them through His Son, Jesus, “Giving Tuesday” is a reminder of how they are “Giving Today.”

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