Lake Advisory 1/31/20

Lake Connection Launch
This Sunday is the last Sunday for our Lake Connection Launch ; an opportunity to connect with others through a Ministry Team, a Connection Group, or an Outreach/Missions Group. Each Sunday, for the past two weeks, leaders or representatives from each Ministry Team at The Lake, each Connection Group being offered beginning in February, and our Outreach/Missions Groups have been available to answer questions, share information about their Ministry or Group, and help you connect with other believers here at The Lake; to join in with what God is doing in and through Lake Community Church.

This Sunday, our main focus of our Connection Launch is all about our Lake Connection Groups. Our leaders for these Groups will be at the back of our Auditorium after the 9:30 and 11:00am Worship Gatherings to help you get signed up for a Group, or to help you with any questions you may have about a particular Connection Group. The Connection Groups being offered this Winter Semester are:
Faith Filled Parenting (Amanda Stone and Molly Morrison; 6:00pm @ The Lake; Children welcome)
Men’s Breakfast Group
(Keith Horner and Richard Powles; 7:00am @ Faith Soda Shoppe; No childcare)
Couples Connection (Tommy and Heather Jones; 5:30pm @ Jones’ residence; No childcare)
Lake Ladies
(Sue Waller and Shelly Richardson; 11:00am @ various locations, every over week, No childcare)
Life. Together. (Eric and Aubrey Doane; 6:30pm @ The Lake, No childcare)
Iron Sharpens Iron (Ronnie Pinyan; 7:00pm @ The Lake, No childcare)
Friday Night Gang (Glyn and Kay Murthwaite; 6:30pm @ The Lake, No childcare)
Joyful Noise Makers (Molly Morrison and Jeremy Smith; 6:30pm @ The Lake, No childcare)

To learn more about how you can connect with others through our Connection Groups; stop by and speak with those who are leading a Group this semester, and sign up at their table in the back of the Auditorium, or submit a request to become a part of a Connection Group by visiting, and under the Next Steps tab, choose a Group to join. Your request will go to the leader of that Group.

Let’s all make a difference in 2020!

Upcoming events at The Lake:

“Who’s Your One?
Have you ever had the name of someone on your heart; the name of someone come to mind, that you just can’t seem to shake; no matter how hard we try, their name keeps surfacing in our thoughts? Could it be that God is trying to get our attention; that He is wanting us to speak to them; reach out to them in a specific way…but we don’t know how. This Sunday, at 9:30 and 11:00am, we begin a series around the challenge of identifying that one person in our life; that one person we need to share the love of God with; that one person who needs to hear the Gospel; that one person who’s life needs to change. “Who’s Your One?”

This coming Wednesday evening, 6:30-8:00pm, our Lake Students will continue their study; “Prayer Postures”, but with an added twist. You’re not gonna want to miss this. All middle school and high school students are invited to Lake Students! You can keep informed about upcoming events with Lake Students by visiting the Lake Students website: and/or contact Eric Doane for what’s next. (M-Fuge 2020 is set!)

Our pre-school children begin a new study this week called, “Through The Roof;” all abut how Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man. Their lesson will focus on, “I’m a good friend…when I care about everyone.” Their Bible memory verse is from Romans 12:13(NIRV) “Share with God’s people who are in need…” Our K-5 Lake Kids are also beginning a new study this Sunday, “In The Lead.” This Sunday they will learn how to “Follow Wisely.” Their Bible Memory Verse is from; Matthew 15:14(NIRV) “If a blind person leads another who is blind, both of them will fall into a pit.” (Parents, be sure to use the Bible App for Kids to follow along with your child’s lessons.)

Scouting For Food
If you carried off an empty grocery bag to help with Scouting For Food last Sunday, please remember to bring that grocery bag back, filled with groceries this Sunday, February 2. You my set your groceries in the Lobby. These groceries will be delivered to Rowan Helping Ministries. And, thank you to everyone who is contributing to this cause.

Lake Valentines Couples Event
You just may want to go ahead and mark your calendar for this event at The Lake. Actually, you can visit and register for this event online, or stop by our Resource Center in the Lobby to sign up.

Lake Community Church’s Women’s Conference
Sign ups for our Women’s Conference begins this Sunday, February 2, at our Resource Center, or you can go online to and register there immediately. (I really wouldn’t wait too long to register. I’d go ahead and do it now; while it’s fresh on your mind.)

A New Lake Website is Coming!
You will get to see a little bit about it this Sunday. For a sneak peak;

See you this Sunday at The Lake!

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