Lake Advisory 10/23/2020

We are getting toward the end of October. Temperatures are “slowly” cooling. Leaves are changing colors. Fishing at the coast and hunting season are upon us. Oh, we can’t forget “Trunkz O’ Treatz”; Election Day is just over a week away; Veteran’s Day; and then its Thanksgiving. Do we even mention Christmas yet?

Where has this year gone? That’s easy. It’s been covered up and erased by Covid-19. Everything we were planning to do this year, to make it a special year for the family; to stretch out the summer as long as possible; to take a long trip, a vacation; to spend time with family out of state, didn’t happen. Of course, we’re not too happy about it, but I am impressed with how well most people have made adjustments to make the best of the situation.

One thing I have noticed that hasn’t been changed much by dealing with Covid, is the desire for people to be with other believers. Even though it’s been a challenge to open the doors for just a percentage of folks to attend The Lake on Sundays, more and more are beginning to make their way to join others in worshipping on Sunday morning. And, folks are still joining us Online each Sunday. Lake Kids is beginning to see more and more children on Sunday mornings. Lake Students is becoming “the place” to be on Wednesday evenings for many students. New faces are showing up on Sunday mornings at The Lake. God is still moving in the hearts and lives of His children. And, as 2020 begins to come to a close, I believe He has been using this season to prepare us for so much more in 2021.

I hope will join me in praying for God’s mercy and grace and blessings as we finish out this “eventful year,” and prepare our hearts for the next chapter in our journey as Followers of Jesus.

There are only 10 Days left in our 30 Days of Prayer; For the past 20 Days, I have been sharing Scripture and a short read from a Prayer Guide provided by the NC Baptist to help us see how a passage has come to life throughout history, and how it can be applied in our life. Each email ends with a time to reflect and pray for ourselves, our church, and our country. My prayer is that we all take a moment out of our busy schedules to pray for God’s mercy and grace in our life, and for revival to sweep across our country. May this revival begin in us as a result of 30 Days of Prayer.

Yes, it’s probably going to look a little different this year, but we are making plans to offer a night out for families in our community with our Trunkz o’ Treatz Drive Thru on Saturday evening, October 31st. The “Drive Thru” will be open from 6:30-7:30pm. If you would like to participate in our “Drive Thru” with your own “decorated vehicle to hand out candy” please visit and click on the “Trunkz o’ Treatz” Card to register for a spot in the “Drive Thru.” Thank you to everyone who has registered their vehicle so far. And, there’s still room for more. Our goal is to create a pathway of decorated vehicles so families can “Drive Thru” and their children experience “Trunkz o’ Treatz” from the right and left. Also, if you would like to donate CANDY to be used for refills at “Trunkz o’ Treatz”, this Sunday, October 25th is the last Sunday for you to donate CANDY. There will be tubs located in the Lobby to collect your donations of CANDY!! You are also welcome to drop off your candy donations at The Lake during the week (Tuesday-Friday; 9:30am-4:30pm).

Election Day is fast approaching. Early Voting has already started in NC. If you have already cast your vote in this election, Thank you. If you still have questions about where all candidates stand on the pressing issues of our day, the Family Research Council has made it possible to educate voters through their site PrayVoteStand. You can find incredible amounts of information about all candidates seeking election in 2020, and where each political party stands on today’s issues and the future of America. Again, if you would rather have a “hard copy” of information to read through; copies are still available at The Lake this Sunday.

Just released! The Family Research Council has made their 2020 Voters Guide available to use from your cell phone. Text your Zip Code to 53445 and you will have a 2020 Voter Guide with you at all times. You never know when you might need it.

We still have our Covid precautions in place for everyone’s safety this Sunday morning:

The “LOBBY” is still the area outside the building between parking and front doors for the time being.
Use only Middle Double-Doors to enter and exit the building.
Masks are required at 9:30am; not just for entering and finding a seat, but required to be worn for the entire Worship Gathering. And, if I may, please wear your mask so that it covers your nose and mouth. Disposable masks are available.

Masks are recommended at 11:00am. Disposable masks will be available before entering Auditorium for 9:30 and 11:00am Worship Gatherings.
Doors will open at 9:15am for 9:30 Worship Gathering and 10:50am for our 11:00am Worship Gathering.

Lake Cafe` remains closed. (You may bring your own coffee and water)
Restrooms will be open but we request only 2 people in there at a time.

Seating in Auditorium is still “LIMITED” (75 seats in the Auditorium for each Worship Gathering; 50% capacity), so please allow Guest Services Volunteers to help find adequate seating for you and your family, and be prepared to maybe offer a seat next to you to a family that may need an extra seat for the service. (Please help us with our seating by choosing seats toward the front of the Auditorium as you come in, so we can help any who arrive later to not have to be guided through seats to the front, possibly interrupting your worship.)

No Connection Cards will be handed out. All notes, prayer requests, and 1st Time Connections and Prayer Requests can be shared at “I’m New” on
Everyone can use “Message Notes” on, to follow along with the Scripture passages and take notes as well.

No Offering Baskets will be used to collect offerings. You may place your tithe or offering in baskets as you leave Auditorium, or Give Online at
No pens in seat pouches. (BYOP – Bring your own pen)

As you leave the Worship Gathering, please try to observe and respect “social distancing”.

If you have any reservations at all about being in a crowd of people; even if it is for a church service; or, if you have been around anyone with Covid-19 in the past two weeks; or, have shortness of breath or coughing; have a fever over 100; loss of sense of taste; not feeling well or, would just rather wait a little longer before returning to The Lake, then please join us online this Sunday at 9:30 or 11:00am at Lake Live Online.

Upcoming events at The Lake:

“Following Jesus”
This Sunday, is Week 3 of “Following Jesus.” And, this Sunday, the challenge, or the question we need to address is, “How does Following Jesus effect the way I live my life?” More specifically, with an Election Day approaching, how is the way I vote, or the way I decide to vote impacted by me “Following Jesus.” I know we may consider “Following Jesus” as more of a “while I’m at church on Sundays” way of living, but the truth is; “Following Jesus” is to be our life; everyday; in every situation or circumstance. Seriously, is there any area of our life “Following Jesus” doesn’t apply; doesn’t fit? If there is; something, or someone needs to change. I hope you will join us this Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00am; either In-person or Online at Lake Live Online for another look at “Following Jesus.”

Lake Students are meeting at The Lake, Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm...In-Person, and via ZOOM for those who can’t make it and still want to be included the Middle School-High School Boys and Girls Break-Out Sessions. Masks are required as we follow the Rowan Salisbury School District guidelines. The ZOOM sessions will begin at 7:00pm. Staring this coming Wednesday, our Students will begin a new teaching journey; AKA: Name Changes In The Bible. To find out more about Lake Students, visit, or contact Eric Doane by email at

This Sunday,
Lake Kids is still offered at the 9:30 and 11:00am Worship Gathering! Our 9:30am Lake Kids Ministry is open to all children; Nursery to 5th Grade. Our 11:00am Lake Kids Ministry will be open to Pre-K to 5th Grade. (No Nursery provided just yet at 11:00am)

Our Pre-K children are learning about The Big Picnic; Jesus feeding thousands of people with a boy’s lunch. Their Bible verse has been Jeremiah 32:17 NLT “O … LORD! You made the heavens and earth … Nothing is too hard for you!” Our K-5 children’s study is Supernatural. This Sunday, they look at Heaven. “When I choose to follow Jesus, Heaven is my spirit’s home.” Their Bible verse for this week is Hebrews 13:14 NLT, For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.

Our Lake Kids Director, Amanda Stone, will continue to share all the lessons and projects online for Lake Kids each week on our website. And, our age appropriate Lake Kids Pack will still be available for your child if you choose to have them sit with you in our Auditorium. There is also an added resource on your phone for your children in the Bible App for Kids.

We are so close to fully offering Lake Kids at both our Worship Gatherings on Sundays. If you would like to be a part of making a difference in a child’s life, please contact Amanda Stone at soon as you can. Her email is, or

RightNow Media is still open for you to create your own account, giving you access to thousands of videos and Bible Studies for you and your family and friends to use. One of the main reasons The Lake has partnered with RightNow Media, is to make every effort we can to help connect you with God…and in the process, offer yet another way to connect with other believers. I encourage you to click the link RightNow to continue your journey in becoming all you have been called to be as a follower of Jesus.

RightNow Media is a free resource from Lake Community Church to you.

Just to give you a little heads up…Time Change is November 1st!

See you this Sunday at The Lake…Live and Online!

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