Lake Advisory 11/29/19

I’ve decided to wait until this evening to send out this week’s Lake Advisory, so that you could enjoy these couple of days of the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends without any interruption from me. I do pray you have had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. And, if your holiday week has been anything like mine, then it probably began last Sunday night at The Lake at our “Thanksgiving & Praise” service. Such a special evening of worship in music, prayer, Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper.

Thank you to all the volunteers who served throughout the evening; from those in charge of childcare; our Worship and Production Team; our servers for the Lord’s Supper; Glyn Murthwaite for making sure the baptistry water was just right; and, for everyone who came out to sing, shout, and pray. And, thank you all for your celebrating the public declarations of Levi Kirby, Chris Dunbar, and Tiffany Steverson through baptism. Like I said, last Sunday evening was a special time of worship at The Lake.

Tomorrow morning, another team of volunteers will be headed to the Samaritan’s Purse Processing Center in Charlotte to take part in the final step of preparing thousands and thousands of Shoeboxes to be transported around the world to children in need of a glimmer of hope and love found in a Shoebox filled with hope and love. Thank you to everyone who will be representing Lake Community Church through this Outreach Project.

And, now that December begins this Sunday, it’s time to focus on another Outreach Project; Christmas Tree Angels. This Sunday, you will see a Christmas Tree in the Lobby with numbered envelopes on it. Each envelope contains a Christmas Wish List for a local child hoping to enjoy Christmas this year. Some of the children are from the Terrie Hess House; a safe house for abused and neglected children. Some of the children are from families whose parent, or parents, are deployed overseas with the US Military.

Beginning this Sunday and next, we have an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child for Christmas. There will be 23 envelopes on our Christmas Tree in the Lobby; 23 opportunities to make a difference in a local child’s Christmas; 23 chances to show the love of Jesus beyond the walls of The Lake. The deadline for bringing these gifts back to The Lake is Sunday, December 15th. If you can take an envelope (one child per envelope), please stop by the Resource Center and sign your name with the number on your envelope, so we can make sure we get the right gifts to the right child this Christmas.

Upcoming events at The Lake:

“Christmas ______”
When we begin to think about, or start making plans for Christmas, what comes to our mind? Christmas shopping? Christmas cards? Presents? Is it possible, we may spend more time with the things of Christmas, and less time with the truths of Christmas; truths we may have read past when breezing through the Christmas story to get to the presents? This Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00am, we begin to take a closer look at the traditional Christmas story to discover some things we may have missed; things to help us fill in the “Christmas ______.”

Lake Students returns Wednesday evening, December 4th at The Lake. Catch up with any new events scheduled by checking out the Lake Students website: and/or contact Eric Doane for what’s next.

Our pre-school children continue their lesson study this Sunday entitled, “A Voice In The Night.” In week 4, they will learn more about how Samuel is called by God and how…I can talk with God…about anything and everything. Their Bible memory verse is from Psalm 55:17(NLT) “Morning, noon, and night–the Lord hears my voice.” Our K-5 Lake Kids begin a new Bible study this Sunday; “How To be Generous”. In Week 1, they will learn How To Be Grateful. Their Bible Memory verse this Sunday comes from 1 Thessalonians 5:18(NIRV) “Give thanks no matter what happens. God wants you to thank him because you believe in Christ Jesus.” (Parents, you can follow along with your child’s lessons on the Bible App for Kids.)

There are so many ways you can become “Difference Makers” at The Lake; so many opportunities. Lake Kids; Lake Students; Guest Services; Worship; Production; Facilities. All of these Ministries are continually welcoming new Team members each week. Again, I want to share about an incredible opportunity in our Lake Kids Ministry. We are seeing more and more children each week and with more children comes more opportunities for you to become a “Difference Maker” in the life of a child; whether you can serve twice a month, or if you’re limited to being available only once a month, our Lake Kids can use your servant heart for children. I encourage you to speak with Amanda Stone (Lake Kids Director), contact the church office (980-643-4200), go through our website (, or use our new Church Center App to join a Team and begin making a difference in the lives of others. We are just “4 Difference Makers” away from being able to have three rotating Ministry Teams instead of two.

Connection Groups @ The Lake
Many of our Connection Groups have already started, but there is still time to join in on the conversations and fellowship. You can see the list of Groups currently being offered this semester by visiting our website;, and clicking on the Connection Groups slide, or you can click Connect. You can also find our Connection Groups on the Church Center App for your phone.

See you this Sunday at The Lake!

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