Lake Advisory 2/21/20

Let me just share a quick recap of last Sunday evening’s Lake Couples Valentine’s Event…it was amazing. The whole evening; the way the Auditorium was set up and decorated; the catered meal; the childcare; the games…all of it was amazing an a lot of fun. Thank you everyone who had a part in making this event such a success; all the volunteers who helped set up and rearrange the Auditorium from rows of seats to festive tables; the college students in charge of childcare for all the children; Tommy and Sherry Whitley for the incredible meal; Matt and McKenzie Whitley for hosting the games, and Shane Murthwaite for the special playlist of suggested songs from our couples. And, “Thank you” to all the couples who participated in this Valentine’s Event.

This evening was so much fun, we might not wait an entire year to try something like this again at The Lake.

A New Lake Website is Coming!
Have you visited our new website yet? Are you searching for a way to join a Ministry Team, Outreach/Missions Group, or Connection Group? They are listed under Next Steps. Have you made, or are you planning to make your tithe or offering online using our website? Just click on the “Rocker Guy” in the bottom right corner of the page and enjoy the ride. But remember, if you use a Credit Card, you will be charged the 1.9% service fee. It will be added to your amount given. To bypass this fee, set up a recurring draft from your Bank Account; each week, twice a month, or once a month. No service fee. One other thing about using Online Giving; when you do use this feature on our website, and create a profile for your account, please be sure to include your first and last name, along with your email address. (There’s still more to share with you about the new website)

Upcoming events at The Lake:

“Who’s Your One?
This Sunday is week 4 of our “Who’s Your One?” teaching series; a challenge for each of us to reach that “One” God has placed on our heart to reach for Him. Last Sunday we discussed the importance of our “One” and how we may never know the extent of our reach through reaching them. This Sunday, at 9:30 and 11:00am, we explore why it’s so important for us to reach another person with the Good News of God’s salvation through Jesus. Yet, many churches talk about it because many believers don’t want to hear about it. This Sunday…we talk about it.

This coming Wednesday evening, 6:30-8:00pm, our Lake Students will continue their current study; “Follow Me?” This study will discuss individuals in the Bible who had an opportunity to follow Jesus but didn’t, and the reason(s) why they chose not to offer their lives to Christ. All middle school and high school students are invited to Lake Students! To learn more about Lake Students, visit their website: and/or contact Eric Doane for what’s next.

Our pre-school children will continue their Bible study, “Through The Roof;” all abut how Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man. This week’s lesson is, “I’m a good friend when…I exercise my caring and sharing!” Their Bible memory verse is from Romans 12:13(NIRV) “Share with God’s people who are in need…” Our K-5 Lake Kids study for this Sunday is, “Peer Relationships” Week 3’s focus is on “Who Are My Real Friends.” Their Bible Memory Verse is from; Proverbs 17:17(NLT) “A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.” (Parents, be sure to use the Bible App for Kids to follow along with your child’s lessons.)

Lake Community Church’s Women’s Conference
Sign ups for our Women’s Conference have already begun online at You can also register this Sunday at our Resource Center.

See you this Sunday at The Lake!

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