Lake Advisory 7/19/19

Tomorrow is a big day at The Lake; especially for our Lake Students and their leaders as they return from a week of M-Fuge; a gathering of middle school and high school students from all over the south-east (or further) to join together to serve in the surrounding communities; doing whatever may be asked of them. All that while making new friends, worshipping together as a large body of believers, and then sharing moments within the group through Bible study and discussions, along with personal times of prayer and devotions. M-Fuge always promises experiences that will last a lifetime, and my prayer, and I hope your prayer, has been for God to allow our Lake Students to have those experiences that not only impact them this week, but will remain with them for a long time.

I know, like me, many of you; especially the parents of these students, can’t wait to hear their stories and adventures. But, if they return completely exhausted; give them some time to relax and recover, and I’m sure you will hear all about this week.

We are also in the planning stages of our big One Day Bible Camp for children 3 years of age to rising 5th graders; “INCREDIBLE ME” Bible Camp on Saturday, August 3rd. If you would like to be a part of the team of Difference Makers for this event, in any role, please contact Amanda Stone ( as soon as possible. More information about the “INCREDIBLE ME” Bible Camp is listed a little later in this Advisory.

There’s also some information about an upcoming Movie Night @ The Lake on Sunday evening, July 28th. And, I will be sharing about another upcoming event at the end of each Worship Gathering this Sunday. You may want to go ahead and place a circle around August 11th; just to be prepared.

I pray you are having a great week and I am looking forward to seeing you this Sunday at The Lake as we continue to discover more “Essential Truths” every believer ought to know.

Upcoming events at The Lake:

“Essential Truths”
Join us this Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00am at The Lake, as we continue to learn more “Essential Truths” believers ought to know. These “Essential Truths” started with the accuracy and power of God’s Word, followed by the promise of Salvation. Then, we discussed the truths about what happens when a Christian sins, and how do we handle temptation. This week we look at another “Essential Truth”Baptism. What is it we ought to know about Baptism and what does Baptism mean for us; how should it impact our life? We’ll find out this Sunday @ The Lake.

This week, 9 of our Lake Students, along with Eric and Aubrey Doane, Jeremy Smith, and Amanda Stone have been a part of M-Fuge 2019. and they return home on Saturday. The theme for this week of serving and worshipping with other students from all over was “Restored”. Again, “Thank you” to everyone who had a part in making this week a reality for our Lake Students. To learn more about Lake Students and when the rising Middle Schoolers will join in on the Wednesday evening gatherings, check out and/or contact Eric Doane soon.

Our pre-school children are continuing their lessons about “God’s Good News” this Sunday. They will be learning about the important truths of the Bible. Week 2: The Bible is God’s true story…that keeps my spirit heart healthy! Their Bible verse comes from 2 Timothy 3:16(NIRV) “…it (the Bible) is useful for teaching us what is true…” Our elementary children continue their new study; “Courage”. This Sunday, our children are learning that “Courage lives for Jesus.” And, that God gives me courage to never give up. Their memory Bible verse this Sunday is Mark 8:34(NLT) “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me.” (Parents, you can follow your child’s lessons on the Bible App for Kids.)

Just a few days before our children will be returning to school, Lake Community Church is offering a One Day Bible Camp. This camp is open to all children from age 3 to rising 5th Graders. In our “INCREDIBLE ME” Bible Camp, children will learn about how God has made them to be who they are; individual and “INCREDIBLE”. This all happens on Saturday, August 3rd, beginning at 9:00am and finishing up at 2:00pm. (Lunch will be provided for everyone.) To register your child for “INCREDIBLE ME” Bible Camp, stop by our Resource Center in the Lobby beginning this Sunday to signup, contact Amanda Stone at, or click HERE. If you would like to help make a difference in the lives of children at our Bible Camp, you can signup to help at our Resource Center, or contact Amanda Stone.

Sunday evening, July 28th, at 6:00pm, Lake Community Church is presenting the powerful, faith-based film, “BREAKTHROUGH”. This film is based on the the true events in the life of a family as they deal with the struggles of their son’s accident on a frozen lake, and how their faith, and the faith of their community led them through the darkest moments of not knowing. You’ll want to begin making plans to attend with your family, and invite your friends to join you for “BREAKTHROUGH”. The Lake has received special permission to show this film.

There are so many ways you can become “Difference Makers” at The Lake; so many opportunities. Lake Kids; Lake Students; Guest Services; Worship; Production; Facilities. All of these Ministries are continually welcoming new Team member each week. If you would like to become a “Difference Maker”, I encourage you to contact the church office (980-643-4200), go through our website (, or use our new Church Center App to join a Team and begin making a difference in the lives of others.

See you this Sunday at The Lake!

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