Lake Advisory 7/31/2020

Here we are…the last day of July! And, as we begin to look ahead into August; waiting to see what decisions will be made; decisions that will effect how we approach the school year, church, work, entertainment, vacations, eating out, shopping…enjoying life to the fullest, and all it takes is for one, or possibly two decisions we don’t agree with and… “That’s it. I’ve had enough.”

I was reading in my devotions yesterday about the Prophet Elijah (I even dog-eared the page, so I could go back to it from time to time), and the reading was about how Elijah, basically, had had enough. He had been dealing with King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, and hundreds of Baal prophets, and even though God had provided for him every step of the way, when Jezebel made a vow to kill him, Elijah ran as far as he could to get away from her. When we finally reached total exhaustion, he collapsed under a bush and prayed to God, “I’ve had enough.”

It’s been quite a journey around here since the middle of March, and there have been a few times (probably more if I would really think about it) where that same thought has not only crossed my mind, but the minds of several people I know; maybe even you. I’ve had enough of the mandates, the restrictions; I’ve had enough of hearing one thing one day, another point of the view the next; how the first decisions were a mistake; but now how these next decisions were no better. Someone has a better strategy; no, they don’t. Yes, “I’ve had enough.”

What do we do?

We wait on God’s provision…like Elijah. After he prayed, God sent an angel to rouse him (wake him from an exhausted sleep) and fix Elijah something to eat and drink. Elijah goes back to sleep. The angel returns, wakes him, and provides him something to eat and drink. Then we read that Elijah, “strengthened by that food, traveled forty days and forty nights until he reached Horeb, the mountain of God.” (1 Kings 19:8)

I know many of us are at a “I’ve had enough” place right now, but what if we’d take some time to pray, seek God’s provision, recognize it, embrace it, and continue our journey to where we need to be…Horeb, the mountain of God; in the presence of God. It was on Horeb, God spoke to Elijah; not in the wind; not in the earthquake; not in the fire; but, God spoke intimately to Elijah in a whisper.

When we feel as though we can’t take anymore, we’ve “had enough”, could it be, that if we can continue a little further, with God’s help and guidance, we could get to the place God wants us to be…in His presence; listening intently for only His voice.

Looking forward to worshipping with you this Sunday at The Lake and Live Online at

As a reminder for this Sundays at The Lake:
(Maybe you’ve “had enough” of reading this, but right now, this is our reality.)

The “LOBBY” will be the area outside the building between parking and front doors for the time being.
Use only Middle Double-Doors to enter and exit the building.
Masks are required at 9:30am; recommended at 11:00am. Disposable masks will be available before entering Auditorium.
Doors will open at 9:15am for 9:30 Worship Gathering and 10:50am for our 11:00am Worship Gathering.
Lake Cafe` remains closed. (You may bring your own coffee and water)
Restrooms will be open but we request only 2 people in there at a time.
Seating in Auditorium is still “LIMITED”, so please allow Guest Services Volunteers to help find adequate seating for you and your family (Preferably, seating would begin toward the front rows first.)
There are 75 seats in the Auditorium for each Worship Gathering. (50% capacity)
No Connection Cards will be handed out. All notes, prayer requests, and 1st Time Connections and Prayer requests can be shared at “I’m New” on
All Scripture used can be found at “Message Notes” on, and you can take notes there as well.
No Offering Baskets passed along rows. You may place your tithe or offering in baskets as you leave Auditorium, or Give Online at
No pens in seat pouches. (BYOP – Bring your own pen)
Dismissal will begin with back rows and gradually move toward the front rows to eliminate congestion and still respect “social distancing”.

If you have any hesitations at all about being in a crowd of people; even if it is a church service; or, have been around anyone with Covid-19 in the past two weeks; have shortness of breath or coughing; have a fever over 100; loss of sense of taste; or, just want to wait a little longer before returning to The Lake, then please join us online this Sunday at 9:30 or 11:00am at Lake Live Online. We’ve added a Replay of our service at 7:00pm on Sunday evening.

Upcoming events at The Lake:

Online Giving
As a reminder, and as an apology if I have failed to mention this recently; when you do choose to give online; your tithe or offering, by using our website,, and the round blue icon in lower right of the page, you may see the words, Rebel Give. You are in the right place. This is the company that handles our online giving through our website. With each online contribution, you’ll receive a confirmation email. You can also still make your contribution, tithe, or offering by texting your gift to 84321 on your smartphone; enter an amount; choose Lake Community Church, and you’re on your way. And, you can still mail your tithe, or offering to Lake Community Church, 7800 Bringle Ferry Rd. Salisbury, NC 28146.
(I do want to share with you that we will be closing down our original website,, later this year. If you have been using that site for your Online Giving, please venture over to and see how simple it will be to set up a new account through the “little blue icon” in the lower right corner of the screen. Once you set up your new account on, you can then close your account on site.)

Outreach Opportunity
I hope you have all received an email earlier this week about School Supplies need at Morgan Elementary School for the students to return and have all the supplies they will need to begin the new school year. We will begin collected your donated supplies this Sunday at the 9:30 and 11:00am Worship Gatherings. You will find a table located outside the building, at the entrance, to place any and all donations of these needed items. If you cannot bring your items this Sunday, a table will be placed outside the building to collect your items, Tuesday-Friday; 9:30am – 4:30pm. All items will be delivered to Morgan Elementary School on Friday after 4:30pm.

“Goliath Must Fall”
For the past two Sundays we have been taking a pretty close look at the Biblical story of David and Goliath in 1 Samual 17. And, even though we may have grown up knowing this story, we may not have recognized all would use this story to teach us about how to face our giants in life. This Sunday, we are introduced to the giant of REJECTION. Many people have experienced rejection in life. Some, have a deep fear of being rejected in life. But, how are we to bring this giant down? How did David do it? And, can we possibly do what he did? Join us this Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00am for week 3 of “Goliath Must Fall”, In-person at Lake Community Church or Online at Lake Live Online.

Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, Lake Students will be gathering at The Lake…In-Person and via ZOOM for those who can’t make it and still want to be included the Middle School-High School Boys and Girls Break-Out Sessions. This Wednesday, our Lake Students continue their new study, “Source”. We tell our students that Jesus is the source of life, but do we know how to prove it Scripturally? In this three week series, we’ll study the passages of Scripture where Jesus explicitly claims to be the bread of life, living water, and the light of the world –– all elements that are essential for life.
Find out more about Lake Students, be sure to visit their website,, or contact Eric Doane by email at

Parents! This Sunday, August 2nd, only at our 9:30am Worship Gathering, our Lake Kids Ministry is open to all children; Nursery to 5th Grade. Be sure to visit our Lake Kids tab at for all the details about checking your children into Lake Kids this Sunday, and other information about Lake Kids. The process of welcoming Lake Kids as they move up into new age groups, begins this Sunday! Our Lake Kids Director, Amanda Stone, will continue to share all the lessons and projects online for Lake Kids each week on our website. Simply click on the Tab, Lake Kids, and select your child’s age group; Pre-K or K-5 and you have access to all the games, stories, and videos any day during the week. And, our age appropriate Lake Kids Pack will still be available for your child if you choose to have them sit with you in our Auditorium. There is also an added resource on your phone for your children in the Bible App for Kids.

Our Lake Kids Bible Camp for this summer has been officially cancelled.

It’s almost time for our Red Box Outreach Project for Women in Prison, sponsored by our Women on Missions Group. This year’s donated item:
2.0-3.5 oz., Travel size, roll-on or solid deodorants. Collections will begin in September.

See you this Sunday at The Lake…Live and Online!

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