Lake Advisory 8/16/19

Last Sunday evening was such a special time for The Lake! We gathered at High Rock Lake to celebrate with those following the example of Jesus by being baptized, and we enjoyed a cookout-fellowship. It was such a beautiful way to bring an end to a Sunday at The Lake. Thank you to everyone who participated by setting up all the tables, cooking all the hotdogs, bringing all the desserts and drinks, and praying for and encouraging each person that was baptized.

I want to ask everyone who is a follower of Jesus to join me in praying for these individuals who made a public declaration last Sunday to live the rest of their life as a child of God, to be willing to seek God in every ares of their lives, and to ask for help from other believers; to be public in their belief.

The one thing I believe is missed by the church is the responsibility of the church for supporting new believers; coming alongside them on their journey to become all God has called them to be; and, being an accountability partner to help keep them focused on the journey. So often, when someone decides to get baptized, they make a public declaration of their faith and belief, but then it begins to feel like it was not as public as they thought. The church needs to help their decision remain public. The Lake’s Mission is to help these new believers as they connect to God, connect with others who are on the same journey to be Christ-like, and to teach them to connect others to God through their actions; being who God has called them to be.

You see…when a new believer gets baptized, the church body becomes more of the church God desires us to be; a public declaration of God’s love for others.

Upcoming events at The Lake:

“Is My Belief Believable?”
For the next two weeks at The Lake, we will be answering a question that can be a result of what we have been learning over the past several weeks; “Essential Truths” believers ought to know. These truths we, as believers ought to know, may begin to cause us to wonder, “Am I living what I say I believe?” Is there anything in our everyday life that could cause someone to question our belief in Jesus, or our trust in God? Over the next two Sundays, join us as we find out the answer to “Is My Belief Believable?” at 9:30 and 11:00am.

Starting this coming Wednesday evening at The Lake, our Lake Students will begin a new study, “The Moral of The Story”; focused discussions on the parables of Jesus. If you are a Middle School or High School student, you will want to do all you can to be a part Lake Students on Wednesdays at 6:30pm! And, don’t forget about the $100 discount for registering early for M-Fuge 2020! Find out more about Lake Students on their website: and/or contact Eric Doane.

Our pre-school children continue their lessons from, “Everybody’s Welcome” this Sunday. They will be learning that “God welcomes everybody because of Jesus.” Their Bible verse comes from 1 Timothy 3:15(NIRV) “…the family of God is the church…” Our elementary aged Lake Kids are in their 3rd week of, “Who’s The Church?” This week will focus on “So Many Neighbors.” Their memory Bible verse this Sunday is Luke 10:27(NLT) “You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” (Parents, be sure to follow your child’s lessons on the Bible App for Kids.)

There are so many ways you can become “Difference Makers” at The Lake; so many opportunities. Lake Kids; Lake Students; Guest Services; Worship; Production; Facilities. All of these Ministries are continually welcoming new Team member each week. If you would like to become a “Difference Maker”, I encourage you to contact the church office (980-643-4200), go through our website (, or use our new Church Center App to join a Team and begin making a difference in the lives of others.

September’s Coming!
Just a little tease about some upcoming events in September @ The Lake.

September 1st – ALL IN Teaching Series

September 8th – Backstage Pass
If you have been attending The Lake and would like to Partner with us in becoming the church God has called us to be, Backstage Pass is an opportunity to learn more about Lake Community Church, our Staff and Leadership, and our Mission and Vision for our entire Lake family.

September 22, 2019 – The Lake @ The Park!
Lake Community Church will celebrate 5 years of God’s blessings in our life as a church body. This event will be held at Dan Nicholas Park. More information is coming soon, but the most important thing for you to do at this time is to mark this on your calendar and begin making plans to attend and bring someone with you!

See you this Sunday at The Lake!

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