Lake Advisory 8/28/2020

As I mentioned in last week’s Lake Advisory, The Lake has partnered with RightNow Media to offer everyone at The Lake, access to thousands of Bible Studies and movies; 24/7. RightNow Media is a new, FREE resource/tool to help us all connect with God, connect with others, and connect others to God. Hopefully, you received an email invite last Sunday from RightNow Media and were able to set up your own account to access all the personal Bible Studies; Family Devotions; Children’s Devotions and Bible Stories; Student Studies; Connection Group Studies (Topical or a specific Book of the Bible) offered by RightNow Media; 20,000 resources all within the click of your mousepad.

As a Staff, and Leaders of Lake Community Church, we believe this resource will be a valuable tool for everyone in their walk as a follower of Jesus, and we hope you will take advantage of this gift from The Lake. If you have not received an email invite from RightNow Media, please contact us at The Lake (T-F; 9:30am – 4:30pm; 980-643-4200), or by email;, or visit and add your name and email information in the “Card” entitled, “I’m New”. Once you get the email, there should be a link for you to click on to set up your own account and password, and you will have easy access to tools to help you in your walk with the Lord. My prayer is that this added resource; along with our Sunday morning Worship Gatherings, Lake Kids, Lake Students, and Connection Groups, strengthens us all in our mission to be the church God has called us to be.

It’s an exciting time to be at The Lake!

Looking forward to worshipping with you this Sunday at The Lake and Live Online at

As a reminder for this Sunday at The Lake:

The “LOBBY” is still the area outside the building between parking and front doors for the time being.
Use only Middle Double-Doors to enter and exit the building.
Masks are required at 9:30am; not just for entering and finding a seat, but required to be worn for the entire Worship Gathering. And, if I may, please wear your mask so that it covers your nose and mouth.

Masks are recommended at 11:00am. Disposable masks will be available before entering Auditorium for 9:30 and 11:00am Worship Gatherings.
Doors will open at 9:15am for 9:30 Worship Gathering and 10:50am for our 11:00am Worship Gathering.

Lake Cafe` remains closed. (You may bring your own coffee and water)
Restrooms will be open but we request only 2 people in there at a time.

Seating in Auditorium is still “LIMITED” (75 seats in the Auditorium for each Worship Gathering; 50% capacity), so please allow Guest Services Volunteers to help find adequate seating for you and your family, and be prepared to maybe offer a seat next to you to a family that may need an extra seat for the service. (Please help us with our seating by choosing seats toward the front of the Auditorium as you come in, so we can help any who arrive later to not have to be guided through seats to the front, possibly interrupting your worship.)

No Connection Cards will be handed out. All notes, prayer requests, and 1st Time Connections and Prayer Requests can be shared at “I’m New” on
Everyone can use “Message Notes” on, to follow along with the Scripture passages and take notes as well.

No Offering Baskets will be used to collect offerings. You may place your tithe or offering in baskets as you leave Auditorium, or Give Online at
No pens in seat pouches. (BYOP – Bring your own pen)

As you leave the Worship Gathering, please try to observe and respect “social distancing”.

And remember, if you have any reservations at all about being in a crowd of people; even if it is for a church service; or, if you have been around anyone with Covid-19 in the past two weeks; or, have shortness of breath or coughing; have a fever over 100; loss of sense of taste; or, would just rather wait a little longer before returning to The Lake, then please join us online this Sunday at 9:30 or 11:00am at Lake Live Online.

Upcoming events at The Lake:

Thank you to everyone who continues to support The Lake financially with your tithes and offerings by choosing to give online. If you haven’t dome so, you may visit our website,, and look for the round blue icon in lower right of the page. Clicking this blue icon will connect you to Rebel Give. May sound strange, but you are in the right place. This is the company that handles our online giving through our website. With your online contribution, you’ll receive a confirmation email so you can keep records of your giving. It is quick and simple. You can even set up a recurring gift to electronically be drafted from your account, and you don’t have to think about it each week, or month. You can also use your smartphone to make your contribution, tithe, or offering by texting your gift to 84321; enter an amount; choose Lake Community Church, and you’re on your way. Or, you can still mail your tithe, or offering to Lake Community Church, 7800 Bringle Ferry Rd. Salisbury, NC 28146. Of course, if you attend either of our “In-person” Worship Gatherings on Sunday morning, you can place your tithe/offering in the baskets as you leave.
(I do want to share with you that we will be closing down our original website,, later this year. If you have been using that site for your Online Giving, please venture over to and see how simple it will be to set up a new account through the “little blue icon” in the lower right corner of the screen. Once you set up your new account on, you can then close your account on site.)

“Goliath Must Fall”
This Sunday is the last installment of “Goliath Must Fall”, and we are introducing, what I believe to be, the most dangerous giant in the lives of so many people; a giant most people would rather keep quiet and hidden, but it only takes one critical remark; one misunderstood comment; one out-of-place response, and this giant loudly appears. And, it seems that no matter how hard we try, this giant keeps finding its way back into our lives. Of course, we always regret his appearance, and we try to dismiss him as quick as we can, but once he makes an appearance, we feel defeated and ashamed. Join us this Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00am, In-person at Lake Community Church or Online at Lake Live Online for our final giant.

Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm, Lake Students are gathering at The LakeIn-Person, and via ZOOM for those who can’t make it and still want to be included the Middle School-High School Boys and Girls Break-Out Sessions. Masks are required as we follow the Rowan Salisbury School District guidelines. The ZOOM sessions will begin at 7:00pm. This Wednesday, our Lake Students continue their study, “STAY”. Faithfulness and consistency are not words that often mark our teenagers. However, through this series, students will be challenged and inspired to stay faithful, consistent, connected and engaged through the avenues of prayer, service, community, and the Word. Find out more about Lake Students at, or contact Eric Doane by email at

We are still trying to line up a few extra Volunteers so we can offer Lake Kids at the 11:00am Worship Gathering. Right now, we have the needed Volunteers for 9:30am. So, if you would like to be a part of making a difference in a child’s life, please contact Amanda Stone at soon as you can. Her email is, or

This Sunday, August 30th, our 9:30am Lake Kids Ministry is open to all children; Nursery to 5th Grade. Be sure to visit our Lake Kids tab at for all the details about checking your children into Lake Kids this Sunday, and other information about Lake Kids. Our Lake Kids Director, Amanda Stone, will continue to share all the lessons and projects online for Lake Kids each week on our website. Simply click on the Tab, Lake Kids, and select your child’s age group; Pre-K or K-5 and you have access to all the games, stories, and videos any day during the week. And, our age appropriate Lake Kids Pack will still be available for your child if you choose to have them sit with you in our Auditorium. There is also an added resource on your phone for your children in the Bible App for Kids.

RED BOX OUTREACH PROJECT – Begins Sunday, September 6
Each year, our Women on Missions Group presents The Lake with a Mission Outreach Project that allows us to impact the lives of others outside our four walls, and our community. In a few weeks, we will begin our Red Box Outreach Project for Women in NC Prisons, sponsored by our Women on Missions Group. This year’s donated item: Deodorants; Travel size; roll-on or solid; 2.0-3.5 oz. size. Collections will begin in September. There will be a Red Box in our Lobby throughout the month of September for you to being in your donated deodorants. You may even want to be collecting this item for the Red Box before September gets here.

See you this Sunday at The Lake…Live and Online!

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