Lake Baptism Sunday

This Sunday at 5:00pm, Lake Community Church is gathering at High Rock Lake for a Lake Baptism. We will be joining together in celebration with those who will be declaring, publicly, that they are no longer who they used to be, but they are now a child of God because of their belief and acceptance of Jesus’ death and resurrection; God’s plan to rescue us all from the grip of sin. Being baptized by immersion is telling the world that we are now identified as a follower of Jesus; willing to live our life in honor and worship to God as our response to His love for us.

This Sunday will be a time for all believers to join in celebrating the new lives of these new followers of Jesus, and to remind ourselves of the commitment we once made to become a child of God, and renew the passion found in that decision. The first challenge every new believer is faced with after their baptism can be the feeling of isolation; are they alone now because of the decision they have made, or the declaration they are making. As The Lake, our mission, our call is to come alongside each new believer to assure them and strengthen them in their new journey of becoming more like Christ. This Sunday evening presents us all an opportunity to unite as a body of believers coming together as one to worship God and celebrate His love for us.

I pray you have already made plans to join us at this Lake Baptism. We will be gathering at 2475 Poole Rd (you’ll probably see a sign at the end of the drive to the site) around 4:30-5:00pm. The Lake is providing hotdogs with all the fixin’s. All we are asking is for you to bring a dessert to share, and either tea or soft drinks to share. You may also want to bring a chair to sit in, or even a blanket, and enjoy the evening as the sun goes down. It’s going to be an incredible evening on High Rock Lake, and to top it all off with a Lake Baptism… doesn’t get much better than that.

If you need to speak to me about being baptized, I’ll be more than happy to talk between Worship Gatherings this Sunday, anytime this week, and even at the lake before the baptism. You can call the church at 980-643-4200, or email me at If you are planning to be baptized this Sunday, you will need to bring a towel to dry off with, and possibly a change of clothes. Shorts and a dark t-shirt are recommended, but it is High Rock Lake water (might not want to wear your best outfit). This is going to be such a great afternoon and I do hope you are making plans to attend, eat and relax, and celebrate what God is doing in people’s lives at The Lake.  


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