Movie Night @ Home

This past Sunday evening, Lake Community Church had the distinct opportunity to preview a movie that is only now being released across the country in certain theaters, but also is now available for purchase online. Yes, you read that right. We were some of the first people to see “Small Group The Movie” in a theater-type setting; big screen, popcorn, snacks, etc. All made possible by your generosity.

And, I’d like to thank everyone who was able to attend one of our two showtimes on Sunday; 4:00pm ad 6:30pm. You all made this the largest gathering we have had at The Lake for a movie presentation, and from the responses during the movie and after, I’d say everyone had a great time at at movies. I believe the biggest take-away for me about this movie was the real-life experiences captured in this film that so many people can relate to. If you have ever been a part of a “Small Group,” “Life Group,” or “Connection Group,” I’m sure you saw moments in this film that reminded you of why you joined a “Connection Group” in the first place; the Bible Study and the friendship development. But, you also were reminded of the power and strength and compassion that comes from doing life together with fellow believers; the fun adventures; the deep discussions created from the Scriptures; the challenges of life; the tears and the laughter.

But, the best part about being a church that hosted this “Small Group” movie is this…we aren’t done yet. We still have one more showing to present to The Lake. This Thursday evening, October 8th, at 6:30pm, “Small Group The Movie” will be available for your personal viewing on our website, You will be able to go our website, click on the “Small Group The Movie” tab and watch the entire movie for FREE. And, if I were you, and you were here this past Sunday evening to see it first, I’d invite some friends over to watch it with you. Make it a Movie Night @ Home. If you are part of a “Connection Group” and you were unable to come Sunday evening, get your Group together and watch it together; as a Group. Invite some neighbors over. Pop some popcorn, serve some snacks, and enjoy the movie.

I’ll send out a reminder in the next few days. You don’t want to miss this special opportunity. Hey, if you were here Sunday evening…tell them. This is a good movie!

3 thoughts on “Movie Night @ Home

  1. Keely says:

    What if I can’t watch at 6:30 Thursday? Will it be available any other time? or can I watch it later?

    1. Ronnie Pinyan says:

      I’m sorry, but Thursday at 6:30pm is the only time slot we have been allowed to use for this online viewing. I have been told by the distribution company that if you click on the tab to watch before 7:00pm, you will be ale to watch the entire movie from start to finish. After that time, you will enter movie at the point it is from the 6:30 start. I do have a copy of the movie that I will be able to lend out for viewing after this week. So, that could be an option for watching at a later time. Again, I’m sorry about 6:30, but any later would be too late for families to watch if they have children to get in bed for school.

      1. Ronnie Pinyan says:

        You and your mow; your family are welcome at the church any and every Sunday. I may not always be available to speak with you every Sunday, I will do my best to meet with you and your mom if you would like to do that during the weekdays. The Lake is open Tuesday-Friday; 9:30am – 4:30pm. Let me know if y’ll would to sit and talk, or you can call the church at 980-643-4200 to set up an appointment to meet.

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