The Lake @ 5

Today was such a good day as Lake Community Church joined together for our 5 year anniversary celebration at Dan Nicholas Park! All thanks, praise, and glory go to our God for His blessings, grace, and mercies shown to and through The Lake over the past 5 years. So much to be thankful for and so much to celebrate as a church body. I wanted to share a few pictures from today just to give everyone a sense of how this day looked to me and an estimated 225 others.

Now, to be completely honest, this day would not have been as much a fun celebration without the help of so many Partners and Difference Makers who stepped up and served in so many areas; not just today, but in the days leading up to this day. Thank you to all the cooks who prepared our meal today; to all those who made sure tables were set up to handle all the food, coolers filled with water and drinks, the special Lake Anniversary cakes; tables loaded with free t-shirts and window decals; the sound system; the trailer for a stage; the Worship Team; our Greeters; Lake Kids Team; all of our servers of food; and, especially everyone who pitched in to clean up the entire site after our celebration.

Like I said…it took a small army to make today such a great day of celebrating and worshipping God for all He has done for and through The Lake. May we never lose sight of how God is using The Lake to make a difference in the lives of everyone in our community and in our lives. Thank you all for being a part of this special day in the life of Lake Community Church.

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