The Lake + Christmas Angels

Every year Lake Community Church joins with Samaritan’s Purse to spread the love of Jesus around the world through Operation Christmas Child. These filled red and green shoeboxes bring joy, laughter, and hope to children who may think they have been forgotten by the world; living life with no hope. Just image the look on a child’s face to receive a box filled with gifts of love from somewhere around the world; a box filled with encouragement, compassion, and hope for tomorrow; a box that could change their life forever.

That same impact can happen right here in the lives of countless children being ministered to through The Terrie Hess House. That’s right; here in Rowan County there are children living with very little hope; no sense of being loved; abused physically, emotionally, and mentally, and when everyone else is excited about Christmas, it’s just another day for them to get through.

We have an opportunity to help change that life; and, others like that. And, all it will require is an Amazon Gift Card(s); any amount.

This Sunday, December 6th, there will be a decorated box at our Christmas Tree in the Lobby for you to place your Amazon Gift Card(s). I wish we could have a little more time, but this Sunday will be only day when the church will be open for everyone before the deadline of receiving cards by December 11th. So, if you would like to be a part of changing the life of a child locally, bring your Amazon Gift Card(s) this Sunday and drop it in the decorated box by the Christmas Tree.

If you would rather stop by the church during the week and drop off your card(s), that will be just fine. You can bring them in and give them to one of the Staff, put in the box at the tree, or simple drop your card(s) in the “Movie Return Box” to the right of our front doors.

The Terrie Hess House Staff will use the Amazon Cards to order Christmas items from the children’s Wish List created on Amazon for this specific event. The more cards received, the more lives changed.

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