The Lake Re-opening

As we have been hinting at for the past few weeks, through a few church-wide emails (Lake Advisory) and briefly on Sundays in our Lake Live Online events, we are still planning to Re-open Lake Community Church for In-person Worship Gatherings this Sunday, June 21st. We will be offering a 9:30 and 11:00am Worship Gathering, but there will be limited seating for these Gatherings; along with a few other necessary precautions for all our guests.

We have offered Training Sessions for all our Lake Kids Volunteers and our Guest Services Volunteers. These Training Sessions outlined new expectations and responsibilities for our Volunteers as we Re-open The Lake. These new expectations and responsibilities are focused more on providing a more safe, clean, disinfected, and sanitized facility for our guests and their children on Sunday mornings. We have been blessed with the means to sanitize the entire building in a short amount of time before, between, and after our Worship Gatherings. We have prepared our Volunteers to practice “social distancing” while greeting, to wipe down any and all high touch areas before, during, between, and after all Worship Gatherings; to do all we can to prevent further spread of this virus. We are committed to doing the very best we can for you.

If you still feel a little hesitant about being in and around crowds right away; have had a fever over 100 in the past 24 hours; have a dry cough or sore throat; loss of sense of taste; have been around anyone infected with Covid-19; or, just not sure yet…please continue to join us each Sunday Online. The Livestream will be at 9:30am this Sunday, instead of 10:00am. Lake Live Online is here to stay, and we encourage you to worship with us in that manner if you so desire.

If you are planning to attend one of our Worship Gatherings this Sunday, June 21st; here are a few things you will need to be aware of:
– Our “New Lobby” will now be outside; between the parking area and the front of the building. You may use this area to gather and meet with friends while practicing “social distancing” guidelines (6 ft).
– Doors will open at 9:15am for the 9:30 Worship Gathering and 10:50am for the 11:00 Worship Gathering.
– Please, only use the Middle section of Double-Doors to enter and exit The Lake.
– These doors and the doors to Auditorium will be propped open for you to enter and exit safely. The other sets of Double-Doors will not be in use at this time.
– Our Guest Services Volunteers will be wearing masks as you enter the building, welcoming you to The Lake, directing you to the Auditorium or to Lake Kids, and they’ll be in the Auditorium to help you with seating.
Please allow our Volunteers to assist in finding you a seat since the seating has been arranged in such a way to maximize the “social distancing” guidelines. There will be a limited number of seats per row (15) and to adhere to the “50% of capacity” guidelines, we have only 75 seats set up in the Auditorium at each Worship Gathering. We do ask that you please allow our Volunteers to seat you beginning at the front of the Auditorium and working toward the back. This will help in making sure we have enough seats for all our guests. Our Guest Services Volunteers will do everything possible to help you find a seat, but please be patient as this is new for all of us.
No Connection Cards will be handed out, but you will be encouraged to access “I’m New Here” on our website,, to fill out a Connection Card. You may also take notes during the service from our website under the “Message Notes” card. If you’d prefer to bring your own notepad and take notes, you will need to bring a pen. There will be no pens in the back of our seats.
No Offering Baskets will be passed along rows. If you have brought your tithe, or have placed it in an Offering Envelope (only one per seat pouch), there will be baskets located on tables as you leave the Auditorium. Or, you may use our website to Give Online.
– The Lake Cafe` will not be open this Sunday. If you have to have the morning coffee to start your Worship at The Lake, then you are encouraged to bring your own coffee and/or water with you when you attend until further notice. We are asking that our water fountains not be used at this time.
– We are also having Volunteers stationed outside the Restrooms, so that after each use, the Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected. If we can limit the use of the Restrooms, that would be greatly appreciated.
When our Worship Gatherings come to a close, our Guest Service Volunteers will help dismiss everyone starting with the back rows and working towards the front. This is designed to avoid congestion of folks in the Auditorium. And, we ask that you exit The Lake through the Middle section of Double-Doors, unless you are picking up your children from Lake Kids, but then exit through the Middle doors. This will help limit areas to be cleaned between and after the Worship Gatherings.

One other thing:
If you are comfortable wearing a mask, then by all means, you are encouraged to wear your mask at The Lake. If you happen to leave your mask at home, we will have disposable masks available for you, or anyone to use. We are not requiring masks at this time.

I know this sounds like a lot of work just to have a church service, but when it comes to making our facility as safe as we can make it, so that we can have a Worship Gathering with one another, then it’s not that much work at all. It’s called serving one another.

See you Sunday!

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  1. Sue Waller says:

    Sounds like a great plan! See you Sunday!

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