The Lake Re-opens

I know there has been a lot of conversations and questions concerning when churches across North Carolina will begin opening their doors again for worshippers to gather in-person on Sunday mornings again. I’ve asked those same questions and have been in conversations with other pastors in the area, members of our Lake Staff and our Leadership Team about when and how do we re-open for in-person worship at The Lake.

As I announced at the end of our Lake Live Online service today, we are making plans to Re-open Lake Community Church for In-person Worship Gatherings on Sunday, June 21st. We will be offering a 9:30 and 11:00am Worship Gathering, but there will be limited seating for these Gatherings; along with a few other necessary precautions for all our guests.

Yesterday was our first Training Session for all our Lake Kids Volunteers and our Guest Services Volunteers. These Training Sessions outlined new expectations and responsibilities for our Volunteers as we begin to Re-open The Lake. For those Volunteers who were unable to attend yesterday’s Sessions, a second Training Session will be offered on Saturday, June 13th at 10:00am. The new expectations and responsibilities are focused more on providing a more safe, clean, disinfected, and sanitized facility for our guests and their children on Sunday mornings. We have been blessed with the means to sanitize the entire building in a short amount of time before, between, and after our Worship Gatherings. We are preparing our Volunteers to practice “social distancing” while greeting, to wipe down any and all high touch areas before, during, between, and after all Worship Gatherings, and to do all we can to prevent any spread of this virus. There will be so much for our Volunteers to do to make sure everyone who attends realizes how much care The Lake is placing on having our guests back with us on Sunday mornings. I will be sharing more details as these next two weeks move along, but for now, please know that we do not take the virus lately; nor any other virus for that matter. We are committed to doing the very best we can for you.

If, when the doors to The Lake Re-open, you still feel a little hesitant; have had a fever over 100 in the past 24 hours; have a dry cough or sore throat; have been around anyone infected with Covid-19; just not sure yet…please continue to join us each Sunday Online. Our Livestream Service is here to stay, and we encourage you to worship with us in that manner if you so desire.

We are “not” getting back to normal. We have been ushered into a new phase of what church looks like, and it may still take some getting used to, and may last for a while longer, but I ask you to be patient with us as we try to accommodate everyone in how we approach re-opening our doors on the 21st. For now, my prayer is that God will bless our efforts and continue to lead us, guide us, and protect us as His church.

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