Trunkz O’ Treatz

Its that time of year again… “Trunkz O’ Treatz” at The Lake. That’s right! Wednesday evening, October 31st, beginning at 6:00pm and lasting until 7:30pm, Lake Community Church will be offering a safe Halloween alternative for parents and their children from the church, the community, and the surrounding area. This event has been so well attended in the past and each year the crowd seems to get a little larger. This year could follow the same trend as in the past, so we have been making plans for the evening and now is time to secure Volunteers and Trunkz and CANDY!

At our Resource Center in the Lobby, a family can register their car or truck for a spot with all the other “Trunkz” participating in our “Trunkz O’ Treatz”. You can decorate the trunk or tailgate of your vehicle for this event and prepare to hand out candy and surprises to all your costumed guests. And, there may well be quite a few guests to stop by. If you are planning to decorate your trunk or tailgate for our “Trunkz O’ Treatz”, could you please try and be in a parking spot in our parking lot before 6:00pm? Once the event begins, there may not be a safe way to maneuver your vehicle into place because of the parents and children walking in the parking lot.

Also at our Resource Center is a signup sheet for Volunteers to help with our “Trunkz O’ Treatz” event. These Volunteers will help to set everything up; tents; hay bales; craft area for children; help direct folks to parking for their “Trunkz O’ Treatz” vehicles; help with parking our guests so they can attend “Trunkz O’ Treatz”; serve at a special registration tent; help cook and serve hotdogs to our guests; keep the area cleaned up; distribute candy refills for anyone running out at their decorated vehicles; even help tear down the whole event and clean up the parking lot after its all over. And you thought this whole event just happens? Not without amazing Volunteers from The Lake; like you.

Then, on top of all this…there is still the CANDY! CANDY! CANDY! What would our “Trunkz O’ Treatz” event be without all the donated CANDY provided by the folks of The Lake. This week (Tuesday-Friday) you can drop off your CANDY donations in the blue tubs located in our Lobby. Next Sunday, October 28th will be the last Sunday you can bring any CANDY donations for “Trunkz O’ Treatz”. Again, this CANDY is not for consumption by the staff. 🙂 This CANDY is used to refill any vehicles in our “Trunkz O’ Treatz” lineup who may begin to run out before the costumed guests stop coming by.

So you see, The Lake’s “Trunkz O’ Treatz” event requires a lot of help from a lot of people, but it’s really not a request for help as much as it is a notification; an awareness of a need; an opportunity to help make a difference in the life of a child; a family; a home. My prayer is that this year’s event is the best effort The Lake has ever put forward as a church, and it can be done through the people of The Lake…YOU!

Hey! You can even sign up for being a part of “Trunkz O’ Treatz”; providing a “Trunk” or to Volunteer by clicking on “Treatz”!


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