Worship Gatherings Suspended

I know the impact the coronavirus is having across the country and the fear of the unknown has people second guessing everything they do these days. Now, the NC Governor has issued an executive order to make it mandatory that there be no gatherings of more than 100 people at one location at one time.

Not to cater to fear, but to honor the authority over the state, and after much prayer and struggle, I have determined that in the best interest of all our folks who call The Lake “home” to suspend our Worship Gatherings for tomorrow, March 15; 9:30 and 11:00am.

We have also been asked by the President of The United States to be part of a National Day of Prayer to ask God to stop the spread of this virus, to heal those effected by the virus, to pray for the medical doctors and labs to quickly develop a vaccine to halt the spread of this virus, and to turn the world’s focus from fear to faith in God and His peace through all of this.

I also know not everyone will read this post, or even access to the internet, so I will be at Lake Community Church in the morning, and for everyone who comes, I will ask them to join in praying for this end of this virus, as the President has asked. I will also be preparing to livestream week 2 of “I Still Believe” so that everyone will have a chance to complete our teaching series based on the recent faith-based movie of the same name. This “livestreaming” of a message will be a new adventure for me and The Lake, but I believe it is important for us to continue to learn from God’s Word and not take a break from it. If you choose to come around 9:30 in the morning; understand, it is optional. For those who regularly attend the 11:00 gathering, I will also join with you in the National Day of Prayer.

This has been a very difficult decision for me and ask that you be praying that this executive order is lifted quickly. I’d much rather worship with all of you face to face on Sunday mornings. I’ve read where other pastors mention a person’s offering, but I’ll leave that to another time. If you give regularly online, then I know you’ll continue to do that. If you were prepared to give this Sunday; next week, or the next will be fine. I love you all and pray that God protects each one of us from this virus, and that we find strength in God to replace the fear with faith.

Oh, I almost forgot. If you plan to watch week 2 of “I Still Believe”, we should be live at 9:45am. (Fingers crossed)

2 thoughts on “Worship Gatherings Suspended

  1. Mark Graves says:

    Will there be a link to view the live stream?

  2. Rita Roberson says:

    I’m praying for you too rRonnie.

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