A movie?

I have been able to see some amazing movies in my life, and I’m sure you have as well. And, there always seemed to be that one special movie that would come to the theaters at just the right time; just when we needed some inspiration, or encouragement in our life; just the kind of movie we wanted all our friends to go see, because it was so good. Most of the time, their response would be more like, “It’s just another movie, right?” “What’s so special about it?” “Can it possibly change the way a person thinks about their life; what their dealing with?”

I can’t say every movie I have ever seen has been “that” type of movie. You know; the one where people make a change in their life because of what they saw on the big screen. But, there is a movie in theaters now that has done precisely that…lives are being changed. “War Room” has encouraged, enlightened, inspired and moved people to action; to pray. This movie has reconciled struggling marriages; rekindled a flame in the hearts of believers; ignited a fire to pray more intentionally for family, friends, and for God’s will in our lives.

I sent out an email recently, asking anyone who had gone to see the “War Room” movie to let me know what they thought of the movie and if it had impacted their life, and in what way. Here are a few of the responses I have read and some I have heard:

I don’t have a closet to use, but this movie makes me want to pray more.
I now have a War Room closet.
At some point I would love to be the type of person that I ask God to send a lady to me for me to mentor her and her walk with Christ. Maybe that is already happening with our Connection Group this semester and I don’t realize it.
Absolutely awesome movie. Powerful message.
My boyfriend and I made the commitment to pray more regularly for each other.
The power of an unselfish prayer was answered immediately…God got my attention in that praying “for” those we might be in disagreement with is more powerful because we’re not desiring our will but God’s will be done.
It’s time we declare war!

And, there was more, but I think you get the picture.

I believe if we pay attention; close attention to what is going on around us…we’ll see God’s hand at work in a lot of areas in our life we could easily overlook. But…a movie? Yes…a movie!


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