A prayer to share

I have seen other pastors share ideas from books they have read, and I have done the same thing from time to time. I have read comments shared from pastors around the country; sometimes from a message or a podcast. And, I have shared those at times. This time I would like to share an email I received; not from another pastor, but from another believer; a believer who attends The Lake. This is a call to prayer that encourages me; a call to prayer that inspires me; a call to prayer I am determined to be involved with. I hope it challenges you as well…

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
It’s almost November 1st and it’s a BIG weekend for us. New church name, new beginnings in lots of ways. It’s so exciting to try to anticipate how God will use his “family” here. Now we’ve all gotten the emails asking us to pray a certain prayer and forward to friends, with all kinds of promises of blessings to follow.  And some of those prayers are good, asking us to bless us and our friends. I’m sending you this email, not to necessarily have you forward it, but to ask if you would join me in seeking God’s blessing on each person at Lake Community Church as we step out on this new adventure. I think it’s a great way to start out…..

“Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You that You’ve brought us this far. Thank You for the blood that was spilled at the Cross that bought us to be a member of Your body. Thank You that You loved us that much!  Thank You for an awareness that You have hand-picked each of us to be here at this time in history, put together to accomplish Your purposes through us at Lake Community Church. May You be glorified and praised for all that will happen.

I ask, Lord, that as we start out on this new part of our journey together, that You would refresh our love and commitment to You. That You would first strengthen each and every one of us to comprehend the breadth and length and height and depth of Your love….to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, and that You would fill us with the fullness of Christ. Root us and ground us in this amazing love. And, out of that awareness of Your love, please give us new hearts that will put obedience to You above all other things.  May our greatest desire be to know You more and more, to walk closer to You with each passing day.

May You put in each of us a yearning to know what You have told us in Your Word. To walk in obedience in all things because we know Your heart for us is nothing but loving and good. Unite us by Your Spirit to take care of one another, to build each other up and to hold hands with each other as we walk together toward home. May we fully fulfill every purpose for which You have put us here. Open our eyes to see You in our individual lives and in our midst anytime we are together.  Fill our hearts and mouths with praise and thanksgiving to You in all things at all times. And, Lord, as we start this venture with a new name, may we all start it with a new awareness of YOU….and Your work in our midst.

In the precious name of Jesus, come renew and refresh us!       Amen”

Much love to you all!

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