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I know many people will read posts about, or hear me mention from the stage, or even hear other folks here at The Lake say something about Connection Groups and the important role they play in strengthening us individually in our spiritual growth, and the spiritual growth of our church. It’s in these Connection Groups where friendships are begun, life experiences are shared, encouragement is received, and God is glorified through study and discussion of His Word. The spiritual strength and health of Lake Community Church is evidenced through participation in our Connection Groups, and this semester offers a wide variety of Groups to choose from. Simply pick a day and time:

6:30pm @ Participants homes; John Ortberg Study: The Life You’ve Always Wanted led by George and Kathy Teodorovici. What steps are necessary to experience the life we’ve always wanted, and is it even possible?

6:30pm @ The Lake; Young Men’s Group led by Shane Murthwaite. An opportunity for young men to be open and honest about their relationship with God. A study will be selected at first meeting on September 15.

7:00pm @ Carole Lowman’s home; Women on Mission: A mission focused Group aimed at participating in mission projects locally.

12:00pm @ various locations; Beth Moore Study: Children of The Day; a Thessalonians Study led by Sue Waller. The first gathering of this Group will be at Dan Nicholas Park’s Corporate Shelter, September 16.

11:30am @ The Lake; War Room; a focused study on the power of prayer and how to design a battle plan to pray effectively for your life and the lives of others around you. This Group is led by Bernice Jacobe.

6:30pm @ The Lake; Krist and Angie Rufty are leading a Couples/Singles Group. The study is yet to be determined, but could be Crazy Love by Francis Chan. (Childcare is a sitter fee; $2-$3)

6:30pm @ The Lake; Beth Moore Study: Living Free led by Bernice Jacobe. Excellent study on being able to break away from the struggles in life which can prevent us from experiencing all God has in store for us.

6:30pm @ Various homes; Briar and Shelly Riley will be leading a Couples Connection Group focused on family life. Possible study: Dennis and Barbara Rainey’s Family Life Bible Study. (Kid friendly)

6:15pm @ Rochelle Kirkwood’s home; T.O.P.S. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) – A study and application of The Daniel Plan; the Old Testament record of Daniel in Babylonian captivity and his stand to honor God through a specific diet plan.

6:30pm @ Various Locations; Outdoorsman Group led by Glyn and Kay Murthwaite. A devotional study and activities Group meeting every other Friday evening beginning September 18.

2:00pm @ Various parks with trails; Bryan and Donnie will be leading a Hiking Group along easy to moderate trails, and havingĀ a time of devotions and prayer. 1st hike is scheduled for Sunday, September 13 at Dan Nicholas Park. Meet near the steel bridge by lake.

To join a Connection Group…Sign up at our Worship Gatherings on Sunday; 9:30 and 11:00am, or click: CONNECTION GROUPS


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