Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child has become an opportunity for churches to make an huge impact around the world in the lives of boys and girls who may never have heard about the love God has for them, or even seen this love in any tangible way. Each year, around the end of October and the first of November, churches encourage their members to fill a shoebox and change a life. This year, Lake Community Church has stepped a little further into the midst of making an impact in children’s lives. Not only are we filling the popular red and green shoeboxes of Operation Christmas Child, along with some personal shoeboxes (cardboard and plastic), but we are also filling plain white shoeboxes. These plain white shoeboxes will be distributed to children in countries where the any Christian influence is not welcome. Yes, there are special rules applied to the white boxes and what it can contain, but the same love is still offered through the gifts a boy or girl may receive.

I am always excited to see the church’s response when it comes to making a difference in the life of a child half-way around the world, and I know your anticipation of what that response will be like this year is pretty much the same. How many shoeboxes will be filled? How many children will be reached through the generosity of Lake Community Church? Well, time will tell…and time is running short.

This past weekend, some filled shoeboxes began being returned to The Lake. It’s starting! This weekend begins the collection week for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes all over the country; November 17-24th. When you bring your filled shoeboxes to church this weekend (November 15-16), please carry them to the left or right front area of our stage. Someone will be there to help you stack your shoeboxes with all the others.

So, this could be the final week to grab an empty shoebox from our lobby. We still a few left there; a couple of red and green, and the rest are white. The response so far has been amazing, but each time I walk by our lobby, I see the remaining boxes and I pray there are still folks here who haven’t had a chance to pick one up yet. Maybe you have been out of town the past two weeks, or it slips your mind when the service is over, picking up children from The Pond, speaking a few minutes to a friend, and before we know it…we are out the door and headed home. This coming weekend is the last chance to empty our lobby of the empty Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. Next week the collection process begins and the shoeboxes will be delivered to a collection site. I will try and delay delivering the filled shoeboxes as long as possible so we can make every effort to fill each shoebox we have left. If you haven’t taken an empty shoebox yet, please consider how much you can personally impact a life by filling just one.

Thank you,

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